Saturday, May 18, 2019

Wendell's Shrimp with Broccoli

Lately, Wendell usually just has a protein shake for dinner, Landon's been staying away from carbs and I don't eat too much meat.  

With the mismatch of preferences, Wendell hasn't been cooking as much as before.

But he did see this Hawaiian Electric Shrimp with Broccoli recipe in the newspaper the other day and decided to make it.  The recipe can be found here. I liked the peanut-y flavor.



Cleta said...

I would eat this dish even if I were allergic to shrimp and/or broccoli because your photo is beautifully enticing!!!

K and S said...

looks yummy!

Chet Colson said...

That really looks. Try to eat healthy. Shrimp tasty and you're getting your protein. Avocado excellent carb.

jalna said...

So funny, Cleta!!!

Kat, was kinda satay-ish.

Chet, I should be eating more healthy foods.

Anonymous said...

j: does the shake fill up Wendall? I never tried one and can't imagine liquid keeping them full for a while like a meal? -N

Susan said...

We’re on the same no meat to very little meat diet and no sweets and no white rice . However, I had a craving for Filipino food on Saturday so that totally broke the diet because Filipino food is only delicious when eaten with a mountain top full of rice 🙄.

jalna said...

N, Wendell ends up snacking a little, so I think the shake must not keep you full.

Susan, oooooh da rice . . . that's what's really hard for me.