Monday, January 28, 2019

Swap Meet Finds

These are some finds from yesterday.  

Sweetie found this rock hidden inside of a box. So cool, yah! We think it might be a moonstone. She paid $3.

Didi was successful in finding Sweetie's search-for-the-day . . . a kaffir lime plant. It was $5.

Sweetie got this free from a friend who was selling things.

I got this handmade journal for $1.

Did you know that each of these groups of pages is called a signature? 

The paper is also handmade.

I paid $1 for these brushes. 

I bought these clips for $1 each pack. They'll be used as prizes for a baby shower.

This was also $1.  Gonna put watercolor paint in um. 

I like this Melaleuca moisturizing lotion. They were 3/$2.

This Vera Bradley cosmetic pouch was 50 cents. 

I love this Japanese napkin. Thinking of using it in a collage.  It was also 50 cents.

These were my finds of the day. $1 each set. So cheap, I couldn't resist.

These were 2/$5. 

For Kona. $7.

This was $1.  I'm hoping it contains a Svengali deck of cards. Try google it.

Bag of 3 cucumbers was $2.

Mochi rice with coconut milk and azuki beans. It was $3 . . . kind of a mercy purchase because everybody was declining their offers for sample tastes and I felt sorry.  But it was good.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Neat stuff you got!


Honolulu Aunty said...


Anonymous said...

Every time I see the goodies you find at the swap meet, makes me want to go one day. I love the purple napkins you found. I remember buying those at Marukai when they had their 99 cents section and I'm still hoarding it. I really should use them before they disintegrate. My four-legged grandson loves those jerky treats. Good finds! ~e

Anonymous said...

j: where was this -- so I can avoid it LOL -- cuz you gots sum good stuffs! -N

Susan said...

I’m always amazed how much art stuff you find. I love Meyers products!

Mark Shelby said...

No wonder you have to keep giving stuff away, my Favorite Auntie!

How Fun! ...Keep Going!

Wheeee! ..... ; )

jalna said...

Izsmom, mostly it's fun looking.

LOL, Aunty.

E, it was nice and cool this past Sunday. We spent 4 hours there!

N, hahahahaha!!

Susan, I love them too.

Mark, so true!!!

Leslie's pics said...

wow you bought a lot of stuff!! I hope they all bring you joy!! :-)

Mark Shelby said...

First pic.... I saw Toes! .... ; )


K and S said...

cool finds!

jalna said...

Les, for now . . .

LOL, Mark.

Thanks Kat!

Erick said...

Wow, score! That tin looks like same size as the one you gave me.