Monday, June 4, 2018

Swap Meet Finds

Went swap meet this past weekend. Not sure how often I'll be going in the next few months . . . it's just too dang hot during the summer. By 9:00 a.m. I was feeling almost nauseous. 

I bought a bag of bok choy, bag of mustard cabbage and cucumbers ($1 each), dog treats and the stuff circled below. The memory card, watch face and Hello Kitty bag were $2 for all. The rest were as I marked. The coloring book I got more to get ideas from the drawings rather than to color. The soap tin I got for the tin itself, although I do plan to use the soap. I like little tins to store watercolor paint in. 

The ceramic dish in the upper left I bought on a previous swap meet outing. It's perfect to use as a watercolor pallet. I bought 3 for $1 each. The paint tubes on the upper right are Daniel Smith paints. I finally broke down and bought them on Amazon. They were $24 for all three. 

See my toes on the bottom? I get teased a lot about the rubbah slippah space between my toes. I was almost gonna crop them out, but wth, yah? I'm blessed.



Honolulu Aunty said...

You are so cute, all the way down to your toes.

Kay said...

I don’t see your rubber slipper space. LOL. I love seeing the stuff you find.

Leslie's pics said...

uuuuu was the Sandisk $1 also??

Anonymous said...

As I have gotten older, I cannot tolerate the sun, which is the main reason, I have not been to the swap meet, but I'm tempted to go when I read about all your great finds.


Anonymous said...

P. S. Re: Your toes. You too funny! I didn't even notice until you pointed it out and even then I had to hunt for it. LOL!


Mark Shelby said...

Wear one BIG HAT, White Clothes and bring lot's of ICE Wattah Auntie!

I Know You can do IT! ; )

jalna said...

LOL, Aunty!!

Thanks Kay.

Les, it was less than that 'cause it was in the 3/$2 bargain bunch. I probably won't trust important pictures on them.

Izsmom, on an overcast, breezy day it's actually quite nice, but on those hot summer scorchers with the heat reflecting off the asphalt, it's unbearable to me. And about my toes . . . you would think I would have good balance with toes like that, but noooo I'm so clumsy.

Funny, Mark!

jenny said...

I think I need to get out to swap meet, this is aloha stadium yeah?

K and S said...

nice finds!

Susan said...

I go here around 7 and it’s really hot! Haha the toes. I know someone who gets teased for a super long big toe...bwahaha! But hey God made each of us special!

jalna said...

Jenny, yes Aloha. Go early!

Thanks, Kat.

Susan, hahahahaha, long big toe??!!! I wonder if finding comfortable shoes is a problem. LOL.