Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lunch from Side Street Inn

We got treated to lunch at work last week "just because".  Nice yah!  The food came from Side Street Inn.  We had six choices to choose from.

This is the 3/4 pound hamburger steak with mushrooms and onions ($8.25).  I got to taste a little of Yosh's.  It was good.IMG_9220

Kalbi Chicken ($8.00).  I also got to taste a bit of this.  I liked it. 

Sweet Sour Spare Ribs ($7.75).  Some people said that the taste was good, but the meat was a bit tough.

Chinese Steamed Fish (Market Price).  I tasted a bite of CQ's.  I thought it was flavorful but texture-wise kinda mushy.

French Dip ($9.75).  Meat and fat . . . not my thing. And the bun was burnt.  Noreen said she shoulda eaten it when it was hot.

This is my Chinese Chicken Salad ($6.00).  It also came with wonton strips.  I don't know what I was expecting, but I was majorly disappointed.  Next time I'll get the hamburger steak or the kalbi chicken.


Anonymous said...


soooo hungry now.


Anonymous said...

Is that a special lumpy gravy ?

I bet it sticks to your arteries really good :)

The food doesnt look that appetizing, somehow I wouldnt want to rush to eat there.

Hope that the next treat is a better one :)

K and S said...

sounds like most of their take out wasn't too good. :(

Les said...

Damn mee too! so much for trying to be healthy yah!

Kalin's Mommy said...

My Kalbi chicken was good, but would have been better with mac salad. I see that every plate had toss salad, no wonder I never get my mac! LOL

Erick said...

The hamburger steak and chicken look super ono! Yum!

jalna said...

Funny, Kevin :)

I shoulda had the lumpy gravy, Anon! Hahaha!

Kat, I think the food is way better eaten in.

For real Les.

Hahaha! So much better with mac, Mich!

Yup Erick, that's the direction I'm heading next time.

Betty Townsend said...

What a shame...especially since the company was treating...hope the next time is better...

jalna said...

Yes Betty, next time I'm gonna choose something unhealthy!

mmiissee said...

Is this from the Waimanu Street location? Whoa they give a lot food.

jalna said...

Actually Mmiissee, I don't know which location the food came from.