Thursday, July 26, 2012

Swap Meet - This Past Weekend

Wouldja believe I went to the swap meet on Saturday AND Sunday this past weekend!  Aiyaiyai!  And no, I do not have a crapload of stuff stored at my house . . . not yet.  Here are highlights.

Dunno why I'm so attracted to stories about addiction. I don't usually read books 'cause they put me to sleep, but I finished reading this one already.  It was 25 cents.

I bought this for $1.

I'd been wanting to expand my plant collection to more than just my one avocado plant so I bought this aloe for $1.  I also planted some green onions.  Funny yah.

Just when I thought I'd seen everything including a kitchen sink for sale at the swap meet, someone brings a jack hammer to sell.

And water coolers.


I happened to see my classmate selling stuff and I bought this walkie talkie from her.  She gave me a good deal and sold it to me for $2. 

Hair dryer!  Remember these?  My mom had a bonnet one that wrapped around your head.

These plastic cups were 50 cents a bag . . . not 50 cents for all, like both my sisters asked.  Sheese, I know it's the swap meet but . . . 50 cents for ALL?

Stainless steel spit!!  I wish you could see it for real.  It was beauuuutiful!

Only $2,200!

$3.50 for a habanero plant.

50 cents.  Good deal hah!

I bought these cucumbers for $3 something.

So nice.

This is what I made.

Geri told me that the ceramics class was having raku firing on Saturday so after the swap meet we went to visit.  I found my dragon plate.  Geri had glazed it for me.  Came out nice yah!  I couldn't take it home though 'cause teacher said that all the dragon stuff was gonna be displayed at Mark's Garage. 

Here's Geri's hand-drawn plate, way more befitting a Mark's Garage display than my rubber-stamped one.

There's a community garden in the parking lot by the class. Here are a couple flowers from the garden.


Anonymous said...

i like the flowers!
did you buy any?


Leslie's pics said...

Thanks Jalna!! Can't wait to fill my bag up with omiyage!!

Kalin's Mommy said...

Nice dragon plate, even though it was a rubber stamped one! Oh by the way, I was wondering what the heck is a spit! I had to look it up on the internet! Now I know! LOL

Susan said...

Great buys at the swap meet!! Loved the dragon plates : )

Dd said...

50 cents a bag...and do you know...I gave the guy $3.00 instead of $2.00 !!! aiyeee...guess was too excited !!

jalna said...

No, never buy flowers, Kevin . . . but do you know how I can grow sunflowers? Do they sell seeds to grow? Can I put um in a pot? Grandpa not going like me plant stuff in the ground.

Yay Les!!

You know what Mich, I had to look up "spit" too. I still not sure if "spit" actually includes the fire stuff under the poles. I didn't know what to call "just the poles".

Thanks Susan!

Funny Didi! Hahahaha.

Erick said...

Cool, you so good for supporting the local economy. But what you going to do with all that cool stuff?

Randism said...

jeez, too touzan someting! some expensive!

jalna said...

Honest Erick, I can make use of everything I've bought! Really!

I knoow Rand!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jalna,
I enjoy reading your blogs! Can you tell me where you are finding those rubber stamps? I've been to the Kam swap meet several times within two months and never found any of them. mahalo!

jalna said...

Anon, I find the rubber stamps randomly, being sold by different sellers. Sorry, can't really direct you to any particular area.