Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I went to the post office before work yesterday to mail out the Coach bag to Giveaway winner Jasmyn.  While I was there I bought a book of stamps.

Did you know that if you peel off the divider pieces like this

then you can fold up your stamps into a neat little book like this?

You neva know that hah!?  Pretty neat yeah!   Well anyway, so I'm slowly walking to my car, peeling off the pieces like how I like it, when I glance toward my car.  What I see stops me in my tracks.  There, sitting in the front passenger seat is Kona!  Whatda . . . ??  Okay, I know that I've been forgetful lately and that I do have some major senior moments . . . but I remember distinctly that I neva decide at the last minute to take Kona to work with me.

I'm like totally confused. I walk closer.  I look at the car . . . yup, white Rav 4. That's my car.  I walk closer.  I look at the dog (who's like smiling real happy now) . . . looks like Kona.  What's going on??? 

By now, I'm pretty much right in front of the car. So I look at the license plate.  Ohhhhh . . . so it's not my car.  I look at the dog.  Ohhhh, it's a golden retriever . . . but it's not Kona.  (Hey, there's a glare on the windshield, okay).   So where's my car then?  I turn around.  It seems that in my confusion, I had actually walked past my car and straight to the one with the dog in it.  Aiyaiyai. 

And here are a couple more of my senior moments:

I went to the eye doctor.  He dilated my eyes.  I just hate that.  After my exam I decided to go to the restroom before leaving.  I took the restroom key off its holder that's on the reception desk.  When I got back, I tried and tried but just couldn't get the key back onto the holder. After struggling for awhile, the receptionist finally said, "Umm . . . you're trying to get your own car keys onto the holder." 

Final one.  My working place is having a movie day for the employees.  They're renting a theater one morning for our exclusive use.  An e-mail was sent out notifying us of the details. So, I'm talking to CQ and some other coworkers and I say, "It's gonna be at Ward right?  So where is that?  At Dole?"



K and S said...


Anonymous said...

I think you may have contacted that virus that is going around...

seems that people who go to the swap meet frequently have been coming down with these symtoms...and then they get the urge to find bargains :)

Beware of trying to get into cars with dogs who dont belong to you :O)

Susan said...

Too funny Jalna!! I am there with you. I'm have my car keys in my hand and looking for it at the same time!!!!!

Kalin's Mommy said...

Hahahaha, I wish I was at the post office with you! I think you need a vacation :)

Leslie's pics said...

I think you need a vacation...too bad you gotta wait 3 more months till you get it :-( Stay away from me. It might be contagious!

Nippon Nin said...

LOL! I always got smile or laugh when I read your blog. This is really cute!

Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate your kind comments.

jalna said...

So senile yah Kat!

Anon, that is HEELARIOUS!!

Hahahaha, thanks Susan. Makes me happy knowing I'm not the only one.

Mich, I think you've experienced enough of my moments already.

Unfortunately Les, I'm gonna be the same way while we're on vacation . . . SORRY!!!

Akemi, I totally love reading your blog. Your humor always puts a smile on my face too!

Betty Townsend said...

Oh dear, are too young to be having these moments...LOL!! Please be careful..there's no telling what the next incident may be!!LOL!! I do crazy things too, like put things that should go in the refrigerator in the cupboard or vice versa...stand in the middle of the room wandering what I'm doing there or was I going to do something... :)

gracie said...


Erick said...

HA, HA, I don't feel so bad. There are others like me. Welcome to the club.

jalna said...

You know what I worry about the most Betty? Losing my wallet.

:) Grace.

Why thank you, Erick!