Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Scoop on Brad's Car


For those who were interested, here's the scoop on Brad's car. Sorry the formatting got screwed up. Hope it makes sense to you cause I have no clue what this means.

Date Mileage

-turbo charger IHI VF-52
-top mount intercooler

6,000 -cutback exhaust (perrin)
-downpipe w/high flow cat (perrin)
-cold air intake (perrin)

1/8/10 6,700 -short throw shifter adaptor w/transmission bushings (perrin)
-recirculatory blow off valve (perrin)

1/23/10 7,100 -8000k HID headlights (lumavue)

2/4/10 8,000 -front strut tower brace (perrin)

2/21/10 8,700 -turbo inlet hose (perrin)
-rear sway bar 19mm w/end links (perrin)
-front sway bar 22mm w/end links (perrin)
-sub frame lockdown system (perrin)
-up pipe (perrin)
-sport springs (H&R)

4/10/10 -rally armor mud flaps

6/13/10 13,500 -AMS open source tune

6/28/10 13,553 -rear differential lockdown system (perrin)

7/16/10 14,000 -OZ ultraleggera wheels 18x8
-Hankook Ventus V12 Evo 225/40R18

7/18/10 14,200 -boost + wideband AFR gauges (prosport)

8/4/10 14,500 -Seibon CW carbon fiber hood


mmiissee said...

I agree with you! I don't know nothing about supping up cars = )

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Betty Townsend said...

It all sounds so impressive! hahahaha!! Haven't a clue what it all means.

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Yup, same here.

jalna said...

Les, HAHA!