Monday, August 9, 2010


Gathering to sing Happy Birthday and enjoying some cake on a coworker's birthday is kind of a tradition at my working place.









IMG_9231 copy





Arthur (CQ's replacement)

Arthur asked me to pick up a sugar-substitute cake from Napolean Bakery. It's kinda a specialty item and is limited in quantity so I made sure that I ordered it ahead of time.

I picked up the cake this morning before going to work. We called him into the breakroom at the birthday-singing time but when he saw what was going on, he refused to join us and walked away. We did cut him a piece to eat, but I'm not sure if he enjoyed it or not. He never even thanked me. I miss CQ.


Les said...

where is Leslie's picture?? :( I don't think Arthur enjoyed his cake. He probably wrapped it up and took it home!

Erick said...

Wow, lots of birthdays! Cool how you folks all celebrate everyone's birthday.

jalna said...

You poor ting, Les. You're probably right about Arthur taking the cake home. Did I tell you it was good?

Erick, it's just a small remembrance, but I think it means a lot to some people.

SW said...

That many people were born in the same month? wow..I was told in a class a long time ago that in a group of 23 people, at least two have the same birthday..but your office group sure beats the statistics!!

jalna said...

Hahahaha Shun Wah, this is a collection of birthdays that I had in my files. They're from all different times of the year.

:) josefina :) said...

love Iris' pic!
Aw, so sad that he missed out on the office tradition. oh well. his loss.

That was very thoughtful of you to pick up a specialty cake for him, Jalna!

Randism said...

jeez! da nerve! i tink u gatta do a MMA move on da bugga!

jalna said...

Jos, Iris' picture is my favorite too!! I didn't have the "proper" lens that day and was forced to use my 100mm macro lens. I was backed up against the wall as far back as I could go. Iris had to go on her knees on the floor!! Funny yeah!

Arthur is just strange like that. . . he just doesn't know how to enjoy.

jalna said...

Good idea Rand. Next time I go to MMA I going pay more attention to the submission holds.

bebedeer said...

Why did he ask you to pick up a specific kind of cake and then not join you guys? How rude!!!! Some people are so self-conscious, they don't even realize that everyone loves a celebration, even if it's not for them!

Unknown said...

WOW LAULAU! How ruuude! You can cut & Paste my face there..since your a master in photo shop now! Haha!

Ruth said...

Oh, that Arthur!

Betty Townsend said...

Sorry your co-worker didn't enjoy your thoughtfulness. Hope the rest of you enjoyed the cake. We use to do this too at work...don't know if they still do.

K and S said...

that's not too nice requesting something special then not even saying thank you :(

jalna said...

Fawn, Arthur lives in a world all his own so is very socially inept. He is not even aware that a lot of times his actions are inappropriate.

CQ, you not there dat's why.

Ruth!!! Well you know how he is.

Betty, the cake was ono. Next year I'll just get the cake, and we won't do the singing thing.

Kat, he did thank me this morning, but I suspect someone told him to. He really doesn't mean to be rude. He just doesn't know how to act.