Thursday, December 3, 2009

Drunken Pork and Sober Fried Rice

This Drunken Pork is Wendell's adaption of Chef Aaron Fukuda's Drunken Chicken recipe found in the What Hawaii Likes to Eat cookbook.

Wendell marinated about 2 pounds of chopped up pork butt in the following marinade overnight:

2 c. sake
1 c. shoyu
1 c. brown sugar
1 c. honey
1 tbs. minced garlic

2 tbs. minced fresh ginger root
1 tsp. fresh ground pepper
1 c. chopped green onions

Remove pork from marinade and fry until almost done. Add marinade to the pan and boil. Watch pan carefully so that the marinade doesn't burn and you end up having to soak the pan for 2 days to get all the gunk unstuck.

Wendell's fried rice recipe is from the same cookbook. You kinda don't really need a recipe, 'cause mostly you just throw in all the leftover stuff you have in the 'fridge, but I wanted to tell you about the "secret" ingredient that makes all the difference in the world in flavoring the fried rice. . . it's DASHI-NO-MOTO. The recipe calls for 1 tbs. dashi-no-moto, 1/3 c. oyster sauce, and 1 tsp. salt for 4 cup of cold cooked, preferably day-old rice.


Randism said...

mmmmmmm; more ono food! ;-)

hey! how about a shot of celia in mid air as she jogs to burn off some of those calories after eating the fried rice?!? 8->

jalna said...

Funny you should mention mid-air shot. I have a picture on my desk at work of a girl in mid air. I cut it out of a calendar. I just love it.

K and S said...

ooh, I got that book, I better go look at it :) this looks ono!

Les said...

ooooh, looks is dashinomoto ajinomoto's brother?? is that a saimin packet or something??

Betty Townsend said...

Yummy!! Wendall's fried rice looks good! I make mine like my mother did when I was growing up!!

jalna said...

Kat, Wendell uses that book a lot.

Funny Les . . . they must be related. I think any kind of dashi flavoring would work, and probably especially the saimin packet.

It was ono, Betty. Any special ingredient in your mom's recipe?

Betty Townsend said...

No, just bacon, onion, eggs scrambled, shoyu, salt, pepper, a little garlic powder and green onions. I have that cookbook, I should use it!! :))

jalna said...

That sounds good Betty. Wendell refers to that cookbook all the time.