Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Action

The kitchen was small-kine busy today as we prepared for our Mother's Day lunch.

Here's Didi pouring Worcestershire sauce over prime rib which she had already seasoned with her Dd's Season-All which contains, among other ingredients, Hawaiian salt, alae salt, garlic salt and Italian seasoning.
Didi's husband Glenn put the meat over some charcoal and Keawe wood and then covered!Meanwhile, Didi started to roll out some premade pie crust dough to make empanadas.
The filling too was already made before coming to my house.
Here she's using my handy Coke cup cookie cutter.
I looooove this shot.
Here's Didi doing that rope trim thing that me and Leslie didn't know how to do.
Applying an egg wash before throwing into the oven.
And then at the same time, my son Landon was preparing some scallop soup.
After awhile, Glenn went to test out the meat.
Here's the baked empanadas and some chimichuri sauce.
Landon's scallop soup.
And the prime rib!
My sister Geri brought this salad. I love the strawberries in it, not just 'cause it tastes good, but because the red and green coloring makes for a nice picture.
Here's my nephew Charles (on the left) and his friend Stephan.
My nephew Daniel made this bundt cake. It was sooo moist.
Safeway made this chocolate cream pie.
My sister Leigh made this Bavarian tart.
Here's a sight you don't see too often. My nephew Aaron is braiding his mom's hair. My mom just can't believe it. Me too.
This wine was forgotten in the freezer. I thought the ice crystals looked so cool.


Yosh808 said... was the prime rib? Looks sooo ONO!

Les said...

wow, I coming over to your house next mother's day...hey, Dd wasn't wearing the funny little knitted hat like the ladies in Argentina! Only they know how to make the pretty rope thingy to hold the thing together! :)

jalna said...

Marvin, the prime rib was really ono. Les, Didi wanted to know if the empanadas you had in Argentina had lamb in it.

SW said...

The food looks soooo good and your shots proved it... I really, especially liked the prime rib shot. Yummy!!

Betty Townsend said...

Oh, my goodness, what a feast you all had!! Like Marvin said, it all looks so ONO!! I don't know, this dinner might have been better than my expensive rack of lamb meal! :)) I've never had empanadas! That bavarian tart looks fantastic!! And your nephew braiding his mom's hair, how priceless is that picture!!

susie said...

WOW, makes me hungary!!! Like Les I wanna come too!!!

Erick said...

I like come too. The food looks so, so ONO! Everyone's dish look looked great. I bet if you made something it would look good too. Happy Mother's Day! Great food shots and have fun with the 5D Mk II.

jalna said...

Thanks Erick! The food was good. I did make something. I made ham. I overbaked it. Hahahaha. So no more pikcha of da ham!! I suck!

Les said...

The empanadas I had didn't have lamb, I had only beef and chicken I me though, I couldn't read the menu! I'm pretty sure there wasn't lamb in ours, I would've tasted it