Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kaka'ako Park Hill - Part II

Earlier this month I posted about my experience on This Strange Hill at Kaka'ako Park.

I sent this e-mail to Parks and Rec:

Can someone help me find out the answer to this? On top of this hill in Kaka'ako Park is this stone thing. When you stand on it your voice sounds like you're in a hallway. I can't figure it out. It's so baffling. I will be forever grateful if someone can provide me with the answer to this acoustic phenomenon.

I immediately got this reponse from Gordon Tanaka:

Dear Ms. Jalna;
Kaka’ako Waterfront Park is a state park, you have contacted the City and County parks department, to contact the state department of Land and Natural Resources use this address: dlnr@hawaii.gov or you can view their web pages at http://hawaii.gov/dlnr

I sent the same e-mail to the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources and got this response:

Hi Jalna,
The Hawaii Community Development Authority oversees the Kakaako Waterfront Park and your inquiry has been forwarded to me for response. We are aware of the acoustic sound produced when one speaks while standing on the stoned compass structure at the top of the observation lookout. This was brought to our attention and we noted this unique experience in our website. See link below and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Kaka'ako Park Notables

So, it seems that the compass structure thing was not purposely built to produce that strange sound effect. Somehow, it just happens . . . which brings me back to . . . "somebody tell me WHYYYYYYYY . . . "


Unknown said...

I want to know WHY is the E missing?

Betty Townsend said...

This park is quite impressive, all the different monuments situated there. I bookmarked the page so I can go back and read more of what is on this website. I wonder if you will ever find the answer to your question. It may have something to do with the location of the compass, being on top of that hill and the winds that flow through there. Very strange indeed and yet unique.

Ruth said...

I don't think this really answers your question, but I thought that is was interesting that there is a place in China where a similar thing happens. It's at the Circular Altar in the Temple of Heaven. Here is a link to the picture:http://www.chinafacttours.com/images/architecture/yuanqiutan_tiantan.jpg

According to this website (http://www.chinafacttours.com/travel_destinations/guide-to-beijing-temple-of-heaven.html), "If you stand in the center of the upper terrace there is an acoustic effect where sound waves are bounced off the marble balustrades, making your own voice appear louder and you can hear many echoes."

According to this website (http://www.chinaholidays.com/guide/end.php?ar_id=161), "The Circular Altar is the three-tiered structure closest to the southern gate. Built in 1530, the Circular Altar was where the emperor, facing north, gave heaven his report. It was acoustically designed to help the emperor's words reach the cosmos. Indeed, the altar magnifies the voice of a speaker standing in its center, though only the speaker will hear this magnification, as sound waves bounce off the balustrades."

jalna said...

THANK YOU, RUTH!! I think that's exactly the same principle. Maybe it's the surrounding stone wall that's acting as the "marble balustrades", whatever that is.

RONW said...

see what you've started.

jalna said...

Ron, hahahaha.

Leslie's pics said...

WHAAAAAATTT?? I'm soooo confused! I'm gonna send your blog to my friends that sent me there in the first place...see what they say...