Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Andy's Kahuku Shrimp

Guess where Andy's Kahuku Shrimp is . . . no, not in Kahuku . . . it's on Rycroft near the Pagoda!

This is Marvin's half-eaten saimin. The shiru (broth) was veeery tasty. I liked it, although I prefer curly-kine noodles.
Here is the garlic rice. Marvin bought one order for me and one for him. We kinda shared with everybody. It was soooooo ono, and sooooooo garlicy.
This is the kim chee fried rice. It's also tasty . . . not as spicy as it looks.
This is the spicy garlic shrimp and fish jun combo.
Here's a better look at the spicy garlic shrimp. Anne said that once when she was at the shrimp truck in Kahuku she asked about the ingredients and was told they use banana!
This is my garlic shrimp . . . very good . . . but humbug with the shell.


Erick said...

Looks so ONO! Great photos, you are making me hungry. Great shooting!

SW said...'s almost like you can SMELL the garlic through the monitor. Looks like it tastes really good. :P

Betty Townsend said...

Looks so ono, all of it. Gerry would love the kim chee fried rice. The menu looks like a lot of Korean dishes.

ny said...

yah, i pass there all the time and wondered why it's called Andy's "KAHUKU" shrimp...hehehehhe...
looks i gotta go try!

Dd said..., you know every Filipino Restaurant has hot sauce on their tables....made from bananas....might need to pick up some the next time I go to Chinatown, all the vendors that sell Filipino produce sell that banana hot sauce !!

mmiissee said...

The food looked so good in your pictures that me and my boyfriend had to try it. The first time we went there which was on a Sunday...they were closed, but we went back on a weekday after work. The Garlic rice was good! I had a combination plate of Meat Jhun and BBQ was alright. My boyfriend had a combination plate of Spicy Garlic Shrimp and BBQ Chicken. He said the shrimp was good and thought the garlic rice was also good too.

jalna said...

mmiissee, glad you got to go!