Saturday, January 12, 2019

Royal Saving Stamps

Does anybody remember these? Was it given out by some supermarket?  I forget.

I used to love it when my mom would give me a bunch of the stamps to put in the books. There were "1" stamps and the bigger "10" stamps.

After the pages were filled you could take the books to some redemption center and redeem them for all kinds of items.



Anonymous said...

Times Super Market is where we got ours. Would help my mom too, put them in the books. We usually saved for something like a toaster or dishes. I always hoped she would let me get a toy that I eyed in the redemption center. LOL.
Our neighbor shopped at Foodland and got the Gold Bond stamps.


Kalin's Mommy said...

Times Supermarket used to give the stamps and Mom O said that the redemption center used to be in the warehouse by Meg's Drive In on Waikamilo.

Anonymous said...

OMG, do you still have these? I remember collecting the orange ones from Times watching it dispense from the machine. It made me happy when a lot of stamps came out. This reminds me of the wheat pattern dishes my mom got but I can't remember if it was from redeeming the stamps or buying it from the market. Such nice memories of the good old days. ~e

Leslie's pics said...

wow you still have those?? I remember always sticking on for my mom and gramma :)

Honolulu Aunty said...

I remember those. The redemption center was on Waiakamilo and several grocery stores participated, if I remember correctly.
Good stuff.

Susan said...

Yes, an old supermarket used to do those. A gas station did those too! Now everything is tracked with computers.

Chet Colson said...

I do remember Royal Stamps, licking the stamps,eck.

Anonymous said...

j: oh yes, Times handed those out and there was the gold bond by another market (hence the Gold Bond building on ala moana). I wanted the toys but mom always got the practical stuff *sigh* like towels. I think Maui was one of the last places to give out stamps as at the supermarket we use to give those out and I met the guy who ran the stamp distribution center, forget his name - lovely man with family. There was also the Orowheat plates and the Rinso Blue (ugly) towels - we had them too -N

Mark Shelby said...

Mostly given out by Times Super Market. There was also the Gold Bond Stamps that were given out by other grocery stores. They were Green. And you could do down to the Gold Bond building and turn in your stamps and get your free stuffs! I always saved my Mom's free stamps! So I could go get My FREE Stuffs Later! Serious;y! ... ; )

It was so FUN!


K and S said...

my mom used to collect these!

Tammy said...

I remember those. They were given out at Times Super Market.

Ainakoa said...

There may have been other stores but we got ours at Times. The McCully Times had a redeemption center next door. We only shopped at the McCully Times so every Times may have had their own redemption center.

jalna said...

Izsmom, my mom probably got practical stuff too. I only remember going to the redemption place once.

Mich, wonder when they stopped giving out stamps. Seems like so long ago.

E, hey we still got some of those wheat pattern dishes stored in our closet. Me too, don't remember how those were bought.

Les, no I don't have the stamp books, but the picture was in a bunch of photos that I'm sorting out for the Day Care.

Aunty, I used to love getting those stamps.

Susan, now everything is so high tech yah!

LOL, Chet.

N, good memory you got.

Mark, I thought it was fun too. I barely remember Gold Bond stamps.

Kat, so familiar image, yah.

Tammy, I can just picture the stamps being dispensed and the cashier folding the long strip and then handing them over with the receipt.

Ainakoa, I wondered if there were several redemption centers.

Ainakoa said...

Jalna, I knew there were several redemption centers but we never went to them. The building for the one in McCully is still there too at the corner of Pawaa Lane and King Street and seems attached to Times McCully. My Mom loved the "Golden Wheat" dinner ware and we redeemed our books on Golden Wheat dishes, bowls and cups. I believe a few peieces still survive to this day in my Mom's cupboard.

Erick said...

Hey I remember those stamps. Hmmm I must be old. Ha ha

Kay said...

I definitely remember those. My mother saved them and bought me a set of dinnerware. I don't use them, but they're on display.