Tuesday, June 17, 2014

18-Grain Rice

Jyuhachikoku Gohan is what this is called in Japanese. I bought this bag at Marukai for $8.29.  I've actually been trying to stay away from rice lately, but my sister Didi has been searching for a good grain-added rice lately, and now she's got me into it too.


The bag contains ten of these pouches.  

You add one pouch for every two cups of rice.

I love it, especially after adding a pinch of ume salt!

Here is the Marukai recipe I used. 


Nippon Nin said...

I have 16-grain rice which I have not yet tried it... I have tried 10 grain rice before and like it very much...what? it's now up to 18 grains? You are eating well!

Anonymous said...

j: thanx for the detailed share. How does it taste like other than the ume flavor? Is it crunchy or soft? -N

mmiissee said...

whenever I go to Marukai I always buy some musubis made with the multi-grain rice. Tastes good!

Anonymous said...

If you want an alternative to rice, see if you can find "konnyaku rice" online. My co-worker gets it from her parents in Japan so I'm not sure if you could even get it here. In order to get a "rice-y" texture, she mixes 1/3 cup konnyaku rice with 2/3 cup regular rice. She said just all konnyaku rice doesn't have good texture.

jalna said...

It's healthy right, Akemi? So I eat plenty?

N, it's not crunchy. More soft with a bit of texture.

Me too, Mmiissee!

Ooooh, that's so interesting, Anon! I'll try look for it.

Mark Shelby said...

Looks good!

Here is what I do.

Tonight I found my favorite 10 bean mix for only $1.29 per pound on sale.

Then I picked up my long grain rice for only $0.99 cents per pound.

I can do so many magical things with these two items in the kitchen!

I even add them to a can of soup for instance, to increase the volume. And make one can of soup into many meals!

Beans and rice are Totally Awesome!

Erick said...

Looks so ono! I think I'll try this.

jalna said...

That DOES sound Totally Awesome, Mark. I never worked with beans like that before. I'm thinking you gotta soak in water first? Iiiiiiinteresting. Hmmmm.

Try um, Erick!

renee said...

Does it taste good with the 18 grain rice with regular rice?

jalna said...

I used good rice when I made it, Renee. To me it imparts a very subtle flavor, not too noticeable to my insensitive palate. It's the texture that I love.

Mark Shelby said...

Yes Jalna,

I first boil the beans and rice in the pot. Then add whatever kind of soup I want that night.

I also add whatever else, like red onion, broccoli or whateva's.

And lot's of spices.

It turns one can of soup into a half dozen meals.

Leslie's pics said...

oooh i wonder if that's the kind Manabu uses. I like their "whatever grain" musubi. Looks yummy and I still got plenty of the ume salt that you bought me!!

jalna said...

Ho, that ume salt is lasting a long time yah, Les. I split up my bag and gave away more than half, but I still got planny left. A little goes a long way.

renee said...

did you buy the ume salt at marukai?

jalna said...

No, sorry Renee. I got it in Japan.

Kay said...

I was going to ask about that ume salt too. This looks like the one at Mamaya. I will look for it next time we're at Marukai. Thanks a bunch, Jalna!

jalna said...

You're welcome, Kay.