Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I took a little break from crochetting and tried my hand at making a couple of headbands instead.  Nate reminded me that it's been awhile since I posted any pictures of Kona so I decided to use him as my model.  Cute yah!


Sorry for the bad lighting but it was night when I made these.  These are the flowers that I got on sale at Ben Franklin.  I don't know if you really gotta do this, but I didn't want the flowers falling apart on me, so I separated the petals and glued every single one to each other.

Then I cut circles out of white felt.

And glued them to the bottom of the flowers.

I got this headband from Price Busters for $1.50. 

I cut off the plastic ring and sewed the ends of the headband together.  Then I glued one of the flowers to the front.


For my next headband, I used the instructions from this video to first make a rolled fabric flower.

I cut up one of my old t-shirts 1" x 20".  I ended up not using the whole length. 

You can embellish it with pearls and stuff, but I don't have anything like that around.  I wonder how cheap they run.

I did glue some lace around the edges. . .

and then glued the flowers onto a headband.  It was pretty fast to do . . . more easy than crochetting.IMG_3464


OkiHwn said...

He's saying "Sheesh - a flower!"

OkiHwn said...

"Why couldn't she have put a bone or something!"

jalna said...


Dd said...

You know, I did not recognize Kona.....and I got CHOKE pearls and lace and stuff....and thin satin ribbons, from when I used to do my Tshirts with the embroidery.....

jalna said...

Didi, Kona's snout does look extra long in the picture, yah. I did think about the t-shirts you used to make and wondered if you still had all those embellishments.

Arbine said...

The headbands are uber cute! I might have to try making some in the future. :)

Les said...

Awww,he looks so pretty...but miserable! hahaha! I got you plenty headbands that you can play with from Pricebusters today :)

jalna said...

Try Arbine! It's good fun.

Hahaha, he wasn't too happy Les. Plenty headbands??!! THANKS!

Erick said...

I thought Kona was a boy? He must love the flowers on his head. I know I would. Very cute headband!

jalna said...

Yeah poor thing. He kept trying to take the headband off. In the picture he's all frustrated.

Betty Townsend said...

Poor Kona...what a good sport. Your headbands are adorable. I might try that rolled flower for cards. The flowers won't fall off. Buy you a box of glue dots. The brand I use is called "Zots" by Therm O Web. It comes in a roll which is placed in a cube size box. There are different sizes. You should be able to find them at Ben Franklin. Use 2 of them on the back of your flowers and they will be there forever. And they will stick to anything.

K and S said...

poor kona!

jalna said...

I think the flowers would look cool in cards. Thanks for the tip on the glue dots!

jalna said...

He was a really good sport, Kat! But yeah, poor ting! Hahaha.