Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Manabu Musubi Open Again?

Long story short. I emailed Manabu and told him that I missed his musubi. His response confused me. It seemed that he thought that I missed the QUALITY of HIS musubi, and not that I missed the musubi because the place had closed.

So I researched online.

Wait. What? They reopened in May? No, not in May?  In November? Under new name Mana Musubi?

But every time I drove pass before it looked closed . . . still.

Yet, here is the latest Yelp review by Clifton C. dated 12/21/2019:

I am so happy Mana Musubi has finally reopened.  The musubi is even better tasting than before.  I recommend getting here early as they sell out quickly.  Their Spam and Egg Musubi is one of my favorites and is the perfect breakfast for me.  They open at 6:30am.  The Spam & Egg Musubi used to be available at 7:30am.  Since their reopening, it's now available at 6:30am.  There is a large variety of delicious Musubi available as well as a few side Okazuya items.  Service is friendly.  It's a nice way to start your morning by stopping here.

So, they're open again? I'll try check it out today.

Addendum:  Didn't get to go today. Ran out of time. Gotta try anada day.


Anonymous said...

someone bought a whole bunch of musubi from Manabu to our Saturday pot luck so they are open!

Anonymous said...

I hope so. I like their musubi and sides.


jalna said...

V!!! Yippeeee!!!

Izsmom, me too!!

K and S said...

I saw somewhere on social media that they were open, hope they are open when you go:)

Chet Colson said...

I didnt know they closed.Everytime I drove by it seemed closed.Glad they're open, my brother will be visiting from Seattle,want to take him there.TY,for the update.

jalna said...

Kat, hope so too. Although I miss see Manabu himself at the counter with his humble ways.

Chet, I think your brother will enjoy the musubi!

Kalin's Mommy said...

I went today, they are not the same...the rice is packed more tightly. Maybe it was just the one I had or maybe I am a musubi snob? Taste was still good though.

jalna said...

Mich, glad you went. And glad still tastes good.

Leslie's pics said...

WHAAAAA????? i'm so happy!!!