Wednesday, July 24, 2019

LeTAO Cafe

Hi peoples! I'm back! I had a great time. Highlights for me I think were the Blue Pond in Biei and shopping for art supplies at Daimaru Fujii Central in Sapporo.

I'll be posting pictures from the trip, in no particular order, as they strike my fancy. As usual, stay tuned for my omiyage giveaway. 

Here are photos from LeTAO Cafe in Otaru. I wrote about it once before here

Here is my spaghetti. That's a hunk of mozzarella cheese on top. It was super ono. 

It came with this salad.

This is Cleta's Keema Curry. She said that it was gooooood although she thought that it woulda been better with an Indian-type rice instead of the sekihan.

It came with an "onsen" egg which she cracked on top.

For dessert I picked the Double Fromage Cheesecake. This is also available at the airport to bring home.

Here's Cleta's Strawberry Shortcake.  Our bill came out to around $40 for everything which I thought was pretty reasonable.


Anonymous said...

okaerinasai! I missed you, and so grateful for the pictures a day, LOL

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Ohhhh your dishes look delicious! Looking forward to your pics from your trip.


DNakamaru said...

Looks sooo good!!!!!
Shucks, to bad we missed you guys, we were there too!

K and S said...

look forward to your pictures/posts!

Leslie's pics said...

uuuuuuuuu that spaghetti looks goood!

Chet Colson said...

Welcome home! Been to Otaru,great seafood.That is reasonably priced. People think Japan is expensive for food,it can be. But, you can find food very reasonable and affordable.

Anonymous said...

j: wow another great trip it seems, you so lucky. The food looks delish and is very reasonable. This was a short trip it seems, welcome back -N

Kay said...

Oh wow! You went back to Japan! Our next trip will be to Europe. NOT looking forward to the plane ride. The food you had looks totally scrumptious.

Dd said...

WAIT....they had "hot" food too.....that was a cool place....

jalna said...

V, thank you!!

Thanks, Izsmom!

Dean, I loved looking at your photos. They helped me decide which jacket to bring with me. LOL.

Kat, thank you.

Les, I ate every bit!

Chet, actually, when we were on our own for food, me and Cleta would usually get musubi, instant miso soup and small-kine okazu which we'd eat back in the hotel room.

Kay, I've never been to Europe.

Didi, the menu was totally different from when we went. I was actually looking forward to getting the egg salad sandwich again, but they didn't have that.

Susan said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to your pics and posts of Sapporo. Maybe next trip we should go there. We are going to Osaka & Tokyo in the fall.

Erick said...

Everything looks so ono, getting hungry. Going to the kitchen.

jalna said...

Erick, me too getting hungry. LOL.