Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Workdesk Wednesday

I stumbled upon a site called Stamping Ground. Wednesdays' posts are called What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday. People share photos of their workdesks. I think it's so interesting to check out what other people are working on. You can see today's post here

Here's a picture from this morning of my for-real, left-as-is desk. 

This is what I did last night. I used a set of Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic paints that I recently got with a 40% off coupon from Ben Franklin. I might turn the left side into a vase with flowers. Not sure about the right side.

I squeezed the paint directly onto the pages and used my fingers (and an old gift card) to spread it around. Two reasons:  (1) less wasted paint and (2) minimal cleanup. IMG_8156


Honolulu Aunty said...

Ho! Like you don't have enough mediums to master? Just fingers and credit card? Awesome. I likes it!

Wandaful and I are taking acrylic painting AND the watercolor (that is too difficult for me) and I LOVE acrylic. Can't wait to go BIG. Jack, our instructor, is self taught and super easy going. We all do our own thing. He taught us his easy trick to getting paint on canvas - uses cut up pieces of t-shirt on our index finger to spread on paint.

I think I will be going nuts with painting but I am holding back right now. You should see my desktop. Piles of papers and things to do. Yuck. In fact, you inspire me. I going take one picture now!

K and S said...

interesting :)

Anonymous said...

j: glad to see clutter, I'm like that too except I don't do crafts. I like everything I may or may not use nearby. If I need space, I make room. My work desk was kinda like that too - got lotta negative Nellies making comments - but I had to multi=task and was working on at least 3 projects at once + whatever someone else may need. I would see nice and neat desks and think 'must be nice to not have so much work'. Plus I think it's the sign of a busy mind -N

Dd said...

oh my....I looked and looked and thought...oh but wait... I DO see a cup of tea...ahhhh....relaxing...but then realized, I don't think that is a cup of tea...

jalna said...

Aunty, can't wait til you go nuts with painting!

Isn't it, Kat?!

LOL, N . . . somehow I can't keep a tidy desk.

Dd, my drink and snacks are to the right side so that I don't ingest anything accidentally. Hahaha.

Susan said...

We're twins again with my desk at work but since I'm not working anymore and I'm not painting we're not twinning : ) I love your little friends looking on.

jalna said...

Funny, Susan!!