Monday, February 26, 2018


I usually order saimin when I go to Sekiya's, but the other night I decided to try the Vegetable Tempura. It was pretty bad.

These are photos of what I left behind.  

I think the pictures speak for themselves. 

As we were getting up to leave, the wait-help guy asked if I didn't wanna pack up my leftovers. I said, "Nah". He nodded and almost in agreement said, "Yah". 


Kay said...

At Sekiyas? Now that's surprising. That was our go-to place when I was at the University. That's pretty darn awful!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! It's like they forgot the vegetables and hoped you wouldn't notice. Reminds me of the old Wisteria shrimp tempura I ordered that had half a shrimp cut lengthwise in it. At least mine did technically have shrimp in it, though...

Anonymous said...

j: oh gross, that's kinda like the okazuya type tempura at Gulick's Delicatessen. The thick doughy type. More dough than tempura. No wonder Sekiya's advertises heavily in the food section weekly. How can it be messed up this bad, it's a popular local dish. You should post on Yelp to warn others. -N

Susan said...

Japanese restaurants aren’t supposed to mess up tempura!😮

Leslie's pics said...

yikes. bummahs

Honolulu Aunty said...

How terrible! I hate when food is junk.

NEVER order Sekiya's Beef Tomato. NEVER. I ordered it and it came in a really big bowl and I dug in and Yuck yuck yuck, it had a very shrimpy sauce base that ruined it for me. I kept grumbling about it to my family. More worse, on a later visit I ordered it again (I forgot), and was still yuck!

I do like their stir fried veggie teishoku dish either with or without chicken, and their hamburger steak is ono because it comes with the tsukemono, rice, tea and miso soup.

The kids like the hamburger-saimin combo and their tasty chicken (I forget what they call it) is good. Oxtail soup is REALLY good but expensive.

I do hope they stick around, even though some dishes are good and some are so junk. I would be really sad to see another of my hanabata days places close up and get replaced by new fangled businesses.

Anonymous said...

I don't like their tempura...too doughy and kinda greasy. Have you ever had their Karai Saimin? I like the sauce! Karai! LOL.


K and S said...


jalna said...

Kay, I love the saimin there. It's my favorite.

LOL, Anon!

Yah N, it was pretty bad.

Totally, Susan!

Was bummahs, Les.

So funny, Aunty!! I told Wendell that I hope I remember how bad it was because I could just see myself forgetting and ordering it again. Sekiya's is my favorite place for saimin, and I'll keep going back for that.

Hey Izsmom!! That's exactly what my son asked . . . if I ever tried the Karai Saimin! I never did, but maybe next time.

Yah, Kat. Total bummer.

Chet Colson said...

Yup,looks oily and greasy.You should give a Yelp review.

Unknown said...

Not too good for Sekiya. Looks like they ran out of vegetables. Should have sprinkled some sugar and make some undagi.

Kalin's Mommy said...

Papa ordered the oyako donburi, it had so much sauce, he said it was like a soup! He never wants to go back there again. I used to like the nitsuke butterfish with tofu, but they started using scrap bony pieces, so we haven't gone back in a while! :(

Mark Shelby said...

I told you Jalna!

Me need MEAT! ; )

jalna said...

Chet, I've never done a Yelp review. I'll go see if it's easy . . . and no need make password. LOL.

Craig, so funny!

Oh no, Mich. Not good.

LOL, Mark.

Erick said...

Batter with a little veggie.