Sunday, December 10, 2017

New Art Journal

Here's the bolohead girl I told you about. She's shaded using a technique taught in Jane Davenport's book called glazing. You mix matte medium into acrylic paint to make it translucent. The different areas of shading are painted in layers. I  used Ceramcoat paint and Liquitex Matte Medium. 


Here's another page I'm working on. I got the idea from the internet. It's fun. 

This is the journal book I'm using now.  It was on sale at Fisher for 25% off. I think I paid $5 something. Not sure if it's still on sale, but you should go get one. 

I named this journal "embrace imperfection" to remind myself that everything in the journal need not be perfect, and that I should just relax and enjoy creating pages. I made this title page using Stampin' Up stamps.

K den, it's Marathon Sunday and I can hear commotion going on outside. But for me, that means it's cookie baking day. I took the butter out earlier and it's 7:45 am now. I best be getting to it. 


Honolulu Aunty said...

Yummy pages, yummy cookies coming out, best wishes to all those awesome marathon runners (and walkers)!

K and S said...

everything looks great! happy baking:)

jalna said...

Aunty, yay, pau da cookies! Next year I gonna bake on another day so I can watch the runners. So habit for me to bake on Marathon Sunday because I'm stuck at home, I forgot that I can bake on any ole day now. So lolo.

Thanks Kat!

Leslie's pics said...

holy crap that spider web would drive me nuts!!

jalna said...

LOL, Les!

Susan said...

I like your versatility!

mmiissee said...

Your so funny...bolohead girl!
To make the flowers that flower stamps?

jalna said...

Thanks Susan!

Yes Mmiissee, the stamps were petal shaped.