Sunday, December 17, 2017

Checking In

How you guys doing? Pau Christmas stuff? Baking? Shopping? Hope so.  I think I'm mostly pau. I must say that Amazon has made Christmas shopping a whole lot easier for me. So convenient and stressless.  I just love it!!

I forced myself to stay away from crafting/art-ing for a bit (one week?) to tend to HoHoHo stuff. 

It was such a cool feeling to be sitting back down at my craft desk when I returned to it . . . so joyful.

I totally mucked up this face. I picked up the wrong color Copic marker to shade (the pink outline). I couldn't fix it so I decided to do flaming hair to distract from it. LOL.

I painted the background on this page with black gesso and then used matte medium to glue down torn pieces of silk napkins on it. The napkins are leftover from ones that I used to make favors for Sweetie's wedding about 20 years ago! I think they're so pretty! 

I don't really know what this saying means, but I like it. 

Random question: Does creating new online accounts and having to deal with User Names, Passwords and Security Questions and their Answers stress you out? Dunno why but it totally stresses me out. 


Honolulu Aunty said...

Your art is becoming better and better - you no need book! I am waiting for you to do yourself - you know, one local girl with black hair and smaller eyes. One unicorn, lol!

I get stressed about opening online accounts. SO many things to remember. So I write them all down in alphabetical pages A-Z in a little journal book - in fact, one Honolulu Aunty little journal book. I have one for you!

Let's meet up one of these days - since I don't have to meet you at your working place anymore since you are RETIRED!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice! I love the colors and different textures you use. I thought I was the only one who gets upset that I have to create a username and password and answer security questions, especially because I quite often get brain fog now that I'm getting older. LOL


celia said...

Jalna, you are super talented and marvel how you do faces. I also enjoy your spontaneity. I lack spontaneity I look forward to seeing your art!!!

Chet Colson said...

Good to take a brief hiatus sometimes, like taking a vacation,get a recharge.Ya,passwords & PINS drives me crazy too.Remember when passwords were 6-8 characters,now it's 16 for certain sites,then reset it every 6months,frustrating.

Anonymous said...

j: hoo I was wondering where you stay. No ken be that busy w/ retirement. As for the password thing, yes it can be, esp. if it's for the gov't as in social security. OMG the password you gotta create, use numeric, use alpha, use unusual symbols and it has to be so many letters long. I mean I'm glad google remembers it for me cuz I no can. And I hate hate hate non-important sites that demand as much, like CVS Longs for my meds. Do I care they hack into my meds? heck no. Even Safeway is so demanding. Do I care that some hacker wants to use my safeway discounts? Go for it if you that desperate for discounts! I think it's absolutely ridiculous for non-essential sites that they have such a heavy requirement. And yes, THE most important sites like Equifax gets hacked. Oh yeah, Safeway not as important as my personal credit info. I don't get it and I hate it. It's like how dare you tell me my password is not good enough for your website. So I have so many pass names and passwords for too many places. I too makule for all dis. Thanks for letting me vent -N

K and S said...

trying to remember the password I made for an account I haven’t touched in ages is super stressful for me

Dd said...

aww...OK...this is my favorite girl so far...probably because.....she is a unicorn !!

jalna said...

LOL, Aunty . . . one unicorn! Let's do ramen or saimin! I going Japan at the end of the month, so sometime in January would be good.

Izsmom, I tried opening up an online account for my bank years ago and it kept telling me that I was giving them info that wasn't matching theirs. It was so frustrating.

Awww Celia thanks. Mostly I use references that I see online. Creating from my own imagination is still really hard for me.

Chet, I agree!

LOL, N!!! You so funny. Yah, how dare them guys. CVS was exactly one of those that I had to create an account for recently. I put it off and put it off, but now that it's done . . . HO DA WONDERFUL. Looks like I can transfer my prescriptions to Longs Hawaii Kai instead of by my working place. Gonna do that after I pick up my pills today. And I also like having online access to my lab results at DLS. That one is good too.

OMG Kat. One time I was at an ATM machine, I had brain fart and couldn't remember my PIN number. This was long time ago when the machine didn't spit back your card right away. There was a guy waiting after me and I started to sweat. Luckily I remembered ぎりぎり間に合った (in the nick of time).

Totally thought of you, Dd.

Mark Shelby said...

I thought you were taking a Christmas break Jalna.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

; )

jalna said...

Happy Holidays to you too, Mark!

Susan said...

Did you say you're going to Japan at the end of the month? Yay! We love Japan don't we? Your girl drawings remind me of Taylor Swift, I don't know why...maybe the different hairstyles and expression. No, I'm not all pau, other more important "thing" causing a distraction : ) Someone in this house is doing a lot of online shopping like you because I have to haul them packages from my dad's house for her! I try to use the same password for the unimportant websites that require pass words but yeah...because when you forget then you have to press "forgot password" and create another one...causing a cycle of ornery me :( eep!

Leslie's pics said...

No fair! I like be retired too so I can meet up for ramen!! Love your funny that you gave them long necks, I always remember you saying that you like long necks!

Anonymous said...

Eh, I leave you alone for like 10 years and when I come back, you one Picasso. Ho, li dat!
Since when you vegan? I tried it for a few hours in between the spicy tuna helpings. Was great!

merry Christmas, sistah!

jalna said...

Susan, we do soooo love Japan! "Cycle of ornery"!! Funny!

OMG, Les, Must be 'cause I no more any neck that I love long ones.

Hahahaha, Walt!!! I not one true vegan. I eat cheese and eggs and fishcake once in awhile. Merry Christmas to you and your cute family!!

Erick said...

Ha ha, just use the same username and password for all your accounts.