Monday, May 29, 2017

Watch Tip

Almost all of the cheap watches that I get at the swap meet don't work. And nearly all of them don't work simply because they need a new battery.  

This unused older Timex was an exception. It didn't need a new battery.

And the reason it didn't need a new battery was because of this plastic tab. The tab kept the crown from being pushed in which kept the watch from running which would've drained the battery.

I've been doing the same with my watches, especially since I have a bunch now.  When not in use, I pull the crown out. I do have to set the time before I use a watch, but to me it's a minor inconvenience.

And now, my second tip. Be careful when pulling out the crown on an old watch. 

You might end up breaking it off.  Aiyaaaa!


Honolulu Aunty said...


Chet Colson said...

Plastic tab is a wonderful idea. I seen on other items i.e.. small LED flashlight when first purchased. Good tips.

K and S said...

you can open a watch repair shop:)

Susan said...

I learned something new!. I need to tell my friend who has a gazillion watches how to save her battery life. She told me she had to take her dead watches to get batteries. I think here it's $10 or more a battery. She may of had 10 dead watches.

jalna said...

Totally, Aunty!!

So simple yah, Chet.

You wouldn't wanna come to me, Kat. I can't open up my latest $1 watch, and you should see how scratched up the back is now.

Susan, she should order the cheap batteries that I get from Amazon and see if she can open up her watches.

Leslie's pics said...

wow, i never thought about that. so smaahhht!