Saturday, August 6, 2016

Hood River Cherries

Earlier this week, my sister Geri texted us sistahs and said that she had just bought the best cherries from Whole Foods. After work the next day, I stopped at Whole Foods on the way home and bought a couple of bags. Normally, I won't eat any fruit unless I wash them first, but these looked so good that I couldn't wait. 

The cherries were big and dark-colored and very firm. As soon as I got into my car, I dug one out from the bag. 


It was so ono!!!

The cherries are from the Hood River Cherry Company.  They were expensive . . .  $6.99/pound. And, I almost hate to admit it to you, but I liked them so much that I went back and bought more. I spent around $37 in all . . . for cherries. So extravagant.  But I think to myself . . . I'm 62 years old . . . who knows how many more years I have left?  I should enjoy now, yah?



kobi said...

So long you not splurging on these grapes.

Leslie's pics said...

yummmy! But for the price I like the expensive oranges better...

Honolulu Aunty said...

Go for it, you deserve it!

Your comment about being 62 reminds me of the latest Korean drama that I watched - "Dear My Friends". It is about a bunch of 70 something year old seniors in modern day Korea and how they view their current situation as the ending part of their lives - for we truly are in the last third, and so we should do what we want.

Cherries looked ono - usually I like the Rainier cherries but the dark dark red ones look super ono!

Anonymous said...

j: oh yeah, totally cool that you spent something for your tummy. I'm more like dat now that I'm retired...I don't need clothing, shoes, bags, etc no moe. No need spend money on going to work, buying/bringing lunch. My expenses went really down so yeah, like you, I buy good food. Any kine, snacks, desserts, breads. I know you not retired but you are frugal (yard sales! Swap Meet!) so why not. Like is short, don't know what's around the corner or what new surprise! health prob is gonna hit ya. So eat 'em while you can. -N

Susan said...

Yes, exactly! I like you're thinking, I do the same with any good fruit. I haven't seen the cara cara oranges again since the last time I bought though.

jalna said...

OMG, Kobi!!!

Oh those dekopan, Les!!

Thanks, Aunty! I usually prefer Ranier too.

Thank you, N!

Yah, Susan . . . those cara cara are around only for a short time.

K and S said...

looks so good! I'm glad you splurged:)

jalna said...

Me too, Kat!!

Anonymous said...

Last night after our "walk" Our mutual cuz and I stopped by whole foods to check out the cherries and they almost sold out. Anyway we bought several bags to try. The worker there said last of the American cherries.

I also gave some to my mom and she said they were so sweet and juicy.

I hope you getting commission from all your product and restaurant plugging!

jalna said...

V, you guys so good you go out exercising!! I'm so glad you got to try um. I went Whole Foods again after work yesterday and got another bag. This time I cherry picked a few more from the box and added them in. I'm gonna give some to my mom . . . since you reminded me that I should share and not be so oink oink.