Friday, August 19, 2016

Bottle Sponge

If you don't have a scrubber to wash your water bottles, this one is on sale at Marukai until Monday for only $1.69.  I think the handle extends further out for really tall bottles. 

I took this photo on The Day of the Stuck Shopping Carts, but didn't buy it because I already have a bottle brush.  I'll probably get it on my next shopping trip in a few days. Cannot go wrong for $1.69, yah. 

BTW, do you see the microwave rice cooker container for $6.99? Do you remember that I got mine for 1 buck at the swap meet? SCORE!



Anonymous said...

j: great info! I'm gonna get one as I use a skinny and tall thermos sometimes. -N

Anonymous said...

If you already have a brush, wait until you go 100 Yen store in Japan! I'm sure you'll find there for cheaper!

jalna said...

Great, N!

That's right yah, V!!!

Leslie's pics said...

how come i never see those deals when i go there??

Erick said...

Way cool. I am getting one. Thanks.

mmiissee said...

Now thats real deal!