Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Landon's Escargot

You can make this at home. For cheap. And you no need fancy serving dishes.


Just serve on slices of bread.

I bought this can of snails from Chef Zone. Guess how much it cost. 

$9.97!!  For 96 snails! My son Landon prepared it for us. He couldn't give me the proportions of his ingredients because he just "eyeballs" when he cooks, but I've listed the ingredients for you below. He combined everything and made a thick paste.

He put um in a pyrex dish like this and then broiled it on a low broil for a few minutes.

My low-carb diet went out da window, but it was worth it.

Landon's Escargot Ingredients:

Worcestershire sauce
Chili flakes
Parmesan cheese
Dried tarragon 
Johnny Walker Black


jenny said...

That looks amazing! I wish I could get into Chef Zone...that store looks awesome!

Lorna said...

Wow, between Wendell and Landon's culinary skills, you are the QUEEN!

Anonymous said...

Ewwww ewww ewwww....with a sauce like that liver would be Ono!;) so funny you don't eat raw fish or......praymantis but you eat snails? Go figure...

K and S said...

ooh wow!

Anonymous said...

j: hoo da lucky you got a lotta chefs in your house! Does Landon cook for you guyz often? -N

Mark Shelby said...

Wow! Looks great! And I think $9.97 is a deal! Although I know nothing about snails. And I have always been afraid to eat them! eeeeewwwww! ; )

But I have been interested lately. And when it rains at my house all of the snails come out. So I have been searching to see if I can eat my local garden snails. And it seems like you can! But it appears to be a very long and drawn out process. Here is just one video I found on doing it at home. There are many vids on youtube explaining how to do it.

I say $9.97 is a great deal.....because after you see this video on how to harvest snails at home, you won't believe how much you have to go through!

Before you can eat your garden snails at home you have to keep them for about one week and feed them clean food! Because you don't know what they have been eating!

How to Eat Garden Snails......


Now if I remember my good old little kid time days of Hawaii playing in the yard....we have Massive African garden snails! So geeve 'em one try! And lemme know! ; )

And jus for fun, how about a day in the life of a garden snail? ....hehe ; )

To celebrate Jalna's new blog post!


Honolulu Aunty said...

Yummmmm. Not sure if I like snails but the sauce looks too delicious. You so lucky - TWO male cooks in the house!

Anonymous said...

I give you the snails from my lawn for free.

Mark Shelby said...

This video is fun! And pay the kids to hunt for snails! Sweet! ; )

Preparing British garden snails - Gordon Ramsay


DNakamaru said...

i'm drooling!

Kay said...

Your son also cooks??? Wow! You and Wendell really taught him well. That looks so yummy!

Susan said...

Lol, whiskey? Pls ask Landon what happens if I skip it? You don't eat raw fish but you eat cooked snails? Got it! ; )

jalna said...

But Jenny, you CAN go to Chef Zone. Anybody can. Me and my sister just went to the Customer Service counter, filled out a really short form, did some shopping and BAM, when we were pau, our membership cards were waiting on the counter for us. Very easy.

I know Lorna, so lucky, yah.

For real, Anon, go figure. Even I can't believe I eat snails.

Who woulda thought yah, Kat.

N, he does cook kinda often . . . and he just makes do with whatever ingredients we have.

Mark, our garden snails? Ho da interesting!! Not that I gonna do it, but gonna check out the videos later tonight. Thanks!

Dean, I think next time you have pot luck you can do this.

Not me, Kay. Wendell's dad also did the cooking so must be the genes.

Susan, Landon said it should be okay without the whiskey. And, yes, I don't understand how I eat snails too.

Anonymous said...

But even if you feed it clean food for a week they can still carry parasites and or pathogens.

jenny said...

Ahhh but I no more business license?? I thought you had to have one?!

Anonymous said...

j: escargot sounds so cool and exotic though. Versus snails. I am a picky eater but I did try snails and I dunno they kinda had a mouth feel of ika or tako, chewy. All the flavor was in the sauce. Plus it was in a fancy French restaurant so it was kinda chic to eat it. To me, (when I didn't have a seafood allergy) ika and tako no moe taste. I don't know how I got over my squeamish to eat it considering to this day I will not eat Oxtail soup or pig's feet or chicken feet. I think it's how it looks like, vs. the snail is all covered up with all that delish cheese and garlic. Strange how our food preferences turn out. -N

Mark Shelby said...

"Mark, our garden snails? Ho da interesting!! Not that I gonna do it, but gonna check out the videos later tonight. Thanks"!

Jalna, I thought the same thing (eeewwww!) before I started finding actual how to eat garden snails videos.

The link explains it very well! And you have to keep the snail alive for about one week. And feed it clean food, that will clean out the insides of the snails.

It's a very interesting process.

I hope the can you just bought prepared their snails the same way! ; )

jalna said...

Jenny, no need!! For real! Me, Wendell and my sister just signed up. No need even show ID. Go!

N, I agree how it's strange how we no like certain foods but will eat others. You developed a seafood allergy? Like you didn't have one before but now you do? I didn't know that could happen.

Mark! 1) Cute da kids, 2) I looooove his kitchen, 3) I AIN'T DOING IT!

Anonymous said...

j: sadly yes, one develops food allergies when one gets older. Something about the immune system goes haywire and what was friendly food is now considered an enemy.And it develops on food you've been exposed to for a while. My doc had his 70 years old dad get a seafood allergy. Mines started at about age 40. Went to eat crabs (my fave) and I didn't know but I nearly died that night. Luckily a few days later I asked my doc and found out I had an Anaphylaxis reaction and now carry an epi-pen with me all the time. In addition to Zrytec which in 15 min. can shut it all down. I read if one has a parent allergic to stuff, one has a 50% chance of getting it. It can happen at any time but I did have occasional upset stomach when I ate seafood but it was sporadic. In the beginning I was so sensitive that cross contamination was a big issue, most places uses one big deep fryer to fry french fries AND seafood, or when making sushi they'll touch shrimp then make a cucumber roll. I went to Emergency twice after that. Mostly all Chinese food has oyster sauce too and their woks are notorious for not being washed in-between.

I was hypersensitive then but now 20 years later if I accidentally eat oyster sauce I just get the sore stomach. I just avoid it as much as possible or ask them to leave oyster sauce out. Panda Express is good cuz they do not use oyster sauce, they have it on their website. I know after having my reaction is that it takes a few minutes when one airways shuts down and the whole time I'm trying to breathe but no air comes in. It is to say it mildly, a freaking mind blowing experience, to know you're dying and can't do a dang thing about it. I write this long long post as info for your readers. Since anyone of them, for no reason, develop that allergy. My allergy doc told me such stories about folks who died before they could get to the hospital. He certainly brought me to Jesus as the saying goes. Everyone's symptoms are different, but for me it starts with an asthma attack - coughing, coughing, my voicebox swells and my voice became a whisper, I had itching INSIDE of my hands, feet and arms, no hives but a warm feeling of it, then of course no air as all the bronchial tubes swell (ats why the coughing). Oh and one last thing, if one develops one allergy it can be in the same type of food group. I am allergic now to pistachos, so cannot eat mango and cashew cuz they're the same. Joy. -N

jalna said...

Thanks for the info, N. That is so scary!!

Nippon Nin said...

Interesting! I have never thought you could make escargot dish at home...right I don't know where to buy escargot here...I love escargot serve in restaurant and I feel lucky that I don't have any food allergies (so far).

jalna said...

I was surprised to see it at Chef Zone, Akemi. I also feel lucky that I don't have food allergies too.