Thursday, July 2, 2015

Marukai Response

Here's the response I got from Marukai.  I thought it was so nice of them to go through this effort. Notice the misspelling of my name.  It happens often that my "l" gets turned into an "i".

Hi Jaina,

Thank you for your inquiry. 

I spoke to the grocery manager and we are unable to bring in this product.

It is not approved by USDA.

Thank you, 
Marukai Customer Service


Anonymous said...

j: Great that Marukai answered back, but I was a bit alarmed when they said the USDA didn't approve it, like What does it contain?? Maybe it's as simple as having to list all the contents and translating for the U.S. -N

K and S said...


Mark Shelby said...

Oh NO! I guess you are going to need a friend in Japan to mail them to you! Shucks!

Arlene said...

I was wondering why candy of all things wouldn't get USDA approval, but it looks like your candy has a milk product in it so that ingredient (perhaps others too) is subject to USDA regulations.

I found an online store that sells your candy. I just googled it so I have no idea about its reliability.

Les said...

Bummer! I'll be sure to look for it for you IF EBI EVER APPROVES MY VACATION!!! >:(

Susan said...

Aww man! You'll just have to go to Japan often : )

jalna said...

How can yah, N? I'm thinking maybe it's the mango-flavored one that's causing the problem. I never got to taste that one, but the people that I shared it with said it was da bomb.

For real, Kat.

I think I just gotta go back again to Japan soon, Mark!

My cousin suggested that site too, Arlene. I checked it out. It's easy to navigate through and seems very reliable. They ship to all over the world. Only thing the shipping cost is too much. I selected 10 bags which came out to $35. Cheapest shipping method was $20. I no like pay that much. Thanks for looking though!

Thanks, Les. Maybe I'll go talk to Ebi. You know how we so tight and all. BWAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

I agree, Susan!!!

Nippon Nin said...

...too bad. I will ask my daughter to buy some for you too. She is going this month.
I love to go Japan but not in the middle of Summer...I'm sure I will melt.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jalna-

First time commenting, but I've enjoyed reading your blog ever since "Kona and the Rubber Chicken"... hi, Kona! :)

Anyways, I love a good candy/food hunt. Have you seen this yet? Good luck, and thanks for all the fun reads. Aloha!


Kay said...

Now you got me so curious! It was nice of Marukai to respond so kindly though.

jalna said...

Oh, Akemi, thanks but no need ask your daughter. I no like make humbug for her.

Hi Karen! I checked out your link. I put the candy in my cart and . . . OMG it really is free shipping. But $5.75 each bag is so steep. Gotta think about it some more. Thanks for taking the time to let me know! BTW, I still have the rubber chicken. It's in Kona's toy box, even though he still hates it.

I agree, Kay. It was really nice of Marukai to respond so nicely.