Saturday, April 4, 2015


I got a bunch of this-kine lemon from coworker Davin.  Dunno even what kind it is.

I was surprised when I cut it open.

It was juicy and easy to squeeze.

Then I got some of this kine lemon from classmate N. She said it's a bit milder than regular lemon.

I like it.  It's thin skinned and yields a lot of juice too.

I brewed some of this tea that one of my sisters gave to me.

And made this lemonade iced tea.  You can find my recipe here

Here's my new lemon orchard.

So cute, yah!


Dd said...

I think that bumpy one is Buddahs ... our god daughter has a tree ..huge lemons

jalna said...

Wonder why it's called Buddahs.

Anonymous said...

1st one I think is called ugli fruit.

2nd one is ripe meyers lemon

jalna said...

OMG Anon, is it because it's "ugli"? I actually wanna call it Elephant Man lemon.

Anonymous said...

j: Oi da first lemon is freaky, mutant lemon! Glad Anon i.d. our lemon, still don't like the taste though. Prefer the supermarket taste. You are Da Lemon guru!-N

Mark Shelby said...

Very interesting Jalna! I remember when people would make tea in a glass jar and you would drive by their house and see the glass jar making tea in the hot sun on top of the roof of their carport! Do people still make "Sun Tea"....?

I used to make it at my Mom's house. I don't know why everyone thought the large glass jar had to be on the roof! Maybe to be closer to the sun?....LOL!

My favorite tea was always "Constant Comment" tea.

K and S said...

the bumpy ones are yuzu:)

Honolulu Aunty said...

At first I thought that bumpy skin lemon was a kaffir lime. Once in a great while, the tree has fruit but the reason we have the tree is because we can use the leaves in cooking Thai dishes.

The bumpy skin would be great to use for zest. Sometimes at the very end, scrape some skin zest on the chicken or fish for "zestier" taste.

Kay said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe you're growing so many lemon seeds. You should see our potted grove of Meyer lemon trees. So funny! Your lemon ice tea looks really, really fabulous!!!

jalna said...

N, your lemon made some super ono lemonade! Thanks again!

I've always wanted to try to make sun tea, but never have, Mark. The Constant Comment tea looks interesting . . . orange rind and sweet spice. I just put one in my Amazon cart. Will order it when I come back from Japan.

Yuzu, Kat!!! Wow. I didn't know.

I like your zest idea, Aunty. Hope I get more from Daven again.

Hahahaha, Kay, Too funny.

Nippon Nin said...

So fun! I would like to try those lemons! I agree with Anonymous....but let me use another word... like... unattractive....but it's what's inside that counts.

Have a wonderful trip!

Mark Shelby said...

Good for you Jalna! You will just Love Constant Comment! I Promise!

And look what I just found on Youtube! I just Love this guy!

How to Make Sun Tea & Essence Water with Fresh Herbs from your Garden!

This is right up your ally! Anything garden is a good Ting!

jalna said...

Hey Mark! Thanks for the link! I gotta catch it later . . . getting ready to leave now! See ya.

Erick said...

Thats an ugly lemon. I like your pots.