Monday, March 24, 2014

More Natto?

I kid you not.  Here's another natto post.

I went to Dillingham Marukai this past weekend 'cause one Anon commenter said that they had some dry natto snacks on sale there. I did find the dry natto, but I gotta show you that later. I still gotta work up the courage to try um first.

But I wanted to share this in the meantime.  You see, I've been trying to learn how to read kanji on food labels.  I even made myself flash cards to try and help me to memorize a few characters.  So, I'm looking in the freezer section at Marukai where they got all the natto and I see this. I can read that it's big bean kuromame natto. Ho, I feel so proud. I remember somebody mentioned that I might like the big bean version, so I bought it. 


The beans are about twice as big as the ones I've been trying. 

It came with mustard and sauce.

I also bought this konbu shoyu. 

So I added some of that in too.

This natto is my favorite so far.  Not too stinky and I think not as slimy . . . but it could be that I'm just getting used to it.


Anonymous said...

All I see is slime. I think that is about the most unappetizing food that Japan came up with. Imagine a mainland gaijin looking and smelling that for the first time. They freak at poi! So kudos on your quest to be healthy and to eat healthy. Also for reading kanji, ain't easy.

How is the konbu shoyu? Saw it at Marukai too and was wondering how it tasted. Oshiikata? -N

Anonymous said...

Impressive translating skills!

I have to try this next, they seem so large that maybe you can down um like vitamins!

Natto shots for everyone !

jalna said...

N, me too . . . I see da slime . . . but I try to ignore it. The konbu shoyu is good, but not as good as some that I brought back from Japan.

Anon, Wendell really liked this big bean ones too! He said it's like eating edamame. Me? Even though it's my favorite one so far, I still felt like maybe I should wash it first.

jenny said...

good job jalna! never had the bigger beans before i that's something i should try!

SW said...

I'm glad they haven't invented smell-o-vision type monitor.. just the closeup shot makes me reminisce about the smell. There sure are a lot of varieties..

Dd said...

Not too slimmmyyy ....what the ?? looks pretty darn slime slime slimy to me...ok ok...but hey..its all about being able to read da kanji !!

jalna said...

Might make a neat-looking pizza, Jenny! LOL.

Shun Wah, sometimes I can even smell um through the monitor.

I going buy some for you, Didi! We still neva try the natto pasta you bought. I waiting for Wendell or Landon to bust open the pouch. And guess what. I making flash cards for you guys too. Today's kanji of the day is 汁 shiru (soup, broth).

Nippon Nin said...

I love reading your blog and made me laugh reading other people's comments and your come back comments are charm!

Once a while I like putting chopped kimuchi in natto,less of natto flavor for sure. You should try it sometimes.

lance said...

Have you tried the chopped up ones? I enjoy those way better. Easier to eat. But, if you chop them up yourself, it might produce more slime. LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dearest natto hopper;)

Aka grasshopper

Just to reiterate our lesson.

Smell the natto

Taste the natto

Be the natto!!!!

Repeat take bite

And smile;)

jalna said...

Thanks Akemi! I will buy me some kimchee to go with my natto!

Lance, the one Wendell bought in the tube was chopped up, but I didn't try it.

Hahahaha, Anon . . . I love that "Be the natto". So funny!!

Anonymous said...

I tried that natto pizza last night. It was really good! you should try it. I think the melted cheese does wonders for the sliminess and taste. I sprinkled those Korean seasoned nori flakes that was from Costco, which also disguises the taste.
So, using this same idea, I'm sure natto/cheese omelette will be delicious too, with the nori flakes sprinkled on.

Susan said...

Ok, those look like big roach eggs...I saw the little cups of natto at the bento store last week...I was too chicken.

jalna said...

Hmmm . . . for real, Anon? I probably would need choke cheese.

Ahahahahaha!! I don't blame you, Susan.