Thursday, December 12, 2013

Manju and Mochi

As soon as I found out that there was a Big Island Candies store at Ala Moana Shopping Center I went small-kine berserk (thanks for the scoop, Shar).  I couldn't believe that I could just go to the mall right up the street from my working place and buy me some of my favorite pineapple manju.  I talked about it previously here.  

I dropped by yesterday morning before going to work. I bought all the manju that they had on display.  For gifts.  But I do hope that I'll have some left for me.  Maybe I should go back and buy some more.  It's good to have extra . . . right?  For gifts.


Just so happened I ran into Sweetie.  She said, "Did you see the new mochi store?"  Once again, I went small-kine berserk.

In the store, I felt like I was back in Japan.


The girl there said that they have their products flown in from Japan daily.


I bought this daifuku mochi.  It was $3.

The girl put my one mochi into this bag.  So Japanese, yah!

39 grams of carbs!! More than a cup of vanilla ice cream!  Whoa! But, boy was it good.


Anonymous said...


Help! I know I was looking at your blog the other day at an old post about a good chocolate chip cookie recipe. But now I can't find it. Could you possibly let me know where to look?

Thanks so much!


jalna said...

Hi Myra! You can find the recipe here .

Les said...

whaaaa? where is the mochi store? I never seen it

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Jalna!I'm going to try and bake some this weekend.


jalna said...

Les, both are at street level center court. Mochi store opened up 2 months ago. Big Island Candies 2 weeks.

Yay, Myra!

Erick said...

Everything looks so ono. So, you eating carbs?

jalna said...

I'm not strict about the carbs any more, Erick, but I'm eating them in moderation.

Ainakoa said...

LMAO !! You crack me up...For Gifts.
For those of us who have not been to Ala Moana Shopping Center since the late 1980's, where is Big ISland Candies located ??

K and S said...

:) glad you got some carbs!!

jalna said...

Hey Ainakoa! Late 80's! Whoa . . . stay soooooo different now! The store is in the middle on street level.

Hahahaha . . . ME TOO, Kat!!

Nippon Nin said...

Wow! Memo to myself...I must visit these stores. Thank you for let us know.

jalna said...

You're welcome, Akemi.

1DecentApple said...

Just cuz you said so "forget your name" ono, I just ordered some for our friends on the mainland. No pressure. HA!

jalna said...

No worries, Al. You're gonna be their best, best friend now. Sometimes I tend to exaggerate, but not this time. Even people who no like pineapple like this manju!!