Monday, December 10, 2012

Bad Night

I had a bad night last night. Couldn't get the gala galas out.  Wheezing and not being able to catch a breath brought about fits of coughing. Coughing caused spasms of pain in my lower back.   It was relentless.

At around 3:30 a.m. Landon went out to Safeway and bought this.  Within seconds of drinking a capful, it brought relief.  I couldn't believe it.  A little wheezing still remained, but I could breathe deeply without coughing.  I slept until 8:00 a.m. this morning.

Lan also bought this extended release pills, but since I liked how fast the liquid worked I just took another swig of it just now instead. It's amazing.  

Anyway, my back's all messed up so I'm staying home from work today.  Judging from past experience, it'll be at least another 2 weeks before I'm back to normal.  Good news is I'm done with Christmas card picture taking.  Bad news is I'm not done with Christmas shopping.  

Same thing happened to me last year.  I wish more people here would wear those mask things so that I wouldn't be embarrassed if I were to wear um.  I'm seriously thinking of putting um on next cold season so that this doesn't happen again. 


Leslie's pics said...

oi! Hope you're feeling better soon! Work isn't the same without you...but I'm at home too, recovering :(

jalna said...

Thanks Les.

Kalin's Mommy said...

Oh no, both of you stay away, I no like get sick too! Wishing you both get better soon!

jalna said...

Mich, I get extra mask for you from Runa.

DNakamaru said...

What a good son!!!

I hope you get better soon!

K and S said...

take care! feel better soon.

Anonymous said... fun to be sick !

If your lower back is sore, try using one of those rubber supports that velcro around gives you the support you need to move and not to hurt as much when you do cough.Also try some excercise to help you strenghten those tummy muscles.

Make sure to check with your doctor too of course.

hope you stay better soon


Dd said...

oh no.....sent Kaori home yesterday, sick sick sick...I love that of my workers game me one time, and I was shocked at what came out of me...get better !!

jalna said...

Thanks Dean!

Thanks Kat!

Thanks for the advice Anon. I am wearing one of the back supports. I also put an ice pack under it . . . feels so good!

Thanks Didi. CQ mentioned Kaori being sick too.

Randism said...

oh no! that's awful! i'm not sure those masks work; maybe they do but i think the cold virus is pretty small and there's also the thing about having the virus on one's hands. anyway, i hope you feel much better soon! i've never heard of that medicine; gatta make a note of it for when i'm down. hoping you feel better soon!

mmiissee said...

hope your feeling better this morning. I had a very bad cold that started around Halloween. It lasted for 2 weeks. Get as much rest you can get...that helps a lot. It did for me.

Nippon Nin said...

Are you OK? Take care. All the family portrait are super nice. Good job.

jalna said...

I think you're exactly right Rand. I actually think it spreads from germs on your hands.

Thanks Mmiissee. I did rest for 2 days! I feel waaay better now.

Thanks Akemi!!