Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kyoto's Izuju Restaurant - A Review

written by guest blogger Don Chinen

I was so, so happy to have received the following e-mail from Don Chinen.  It made me feel less bad about Izuju Restaurant being closed when me and Leslie got there. Thank you so much Don!   

I've been following your blog for a while now.  Love it.  Anyhooo, my wife and I also went to Osaka and Kyoto recently (11/1 - 11/9).  Japan is such a awesome place huh?  Well, I also saw the website on Izuju Restaurant (that you linked to on your blog) and was excited to go.  I got their two specialties in the Saba Roll (not sure what it's called) and the Inari sushi, and we also got what was described in the menu as Grilled Fish sushi (There was a english menu).  The Saba on the sushi was delicious.  Much more delicious then I thought it would be (I've had Saba nigiri before and just thought it was okay.).  However, the saba to rice ratio wasn't that great in my opinion (ie: too much rice for the amount of fish).  The Inari sushi was okay, but not that memorable.  The aburage skin was just okay (not sweet like we are used to in Hawaii).  Also there was Hemp (as in Pakalolo) seeds in the Inari.  There wasn't a lot of it, but the seeds were sort of hard.  My wife kept taking them out and not eating them.  It also didn't add a great flavor.  The grilled fish sushi was like a paste spread on rice.  Sort of like eating a musubi with a paste on top.  
Just writing to let you know that if you plan on visiting Kyoto again, by all means stop by and see for yourself.  If you don't go again, no worries you didn't miss that much.  I don't think I would go back to that restaurant but if I did I would only get the Saba again (out of the three things we tried).  I attached a picture (taken from my iphone, not nice kind like yours) of the sushi(s).
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Les said...

I'm soooo happy it was closed! At least it wasn't a total bust, I got to sample more ume stuff right down the block :)

jalna said...

That's true Les! Plus, it's expensive at that restaurant . . . woulda been more lose money.