Sunday, August 12, 2012

Swap Meet 8/12/2012

Remember this rolly thing that I bought at the swap meet last week for $10?  I just looooove it.  It's so much easier rolling things around than carrying them.  I shoulda got one a long time ago.



With Sweetie's help I was even able to stick this pan into the bag.  Wendell had asked me to pick one up for him.  It was $8.  As soon as Wendell saw it after he got home, he asked me to buy him another one so that he can have one for the front yard and one for the back.  He said it looks well made.

I bought these for 50 cents each . . . one for Colin and one for me. 

This is a computer wrist support.  I bought it for $1 'cause I thought it was cute.  I'm using it now.  I'm not really liking it.

My sister-in-law Diem makes something similar to this and I really like hers.  Last week I saw this at the swap meet and wondered if it was the same. I bought a container, but I never got to taste it 'cause before I knew it, it had disappeared from the fridge.  So today I made sure that I ate a bit of it as soon as I got home.  It's good . . . just like Diem's!  I'm not sure how much it was . . . $2.50 or $3.50.  I kinda wasn't paying attention because . . .

there was a lady standing right next to me who was buying five of these.  So of course I had to buy one too.  I busted it open right away and shared it with my sisters.   IT WAS SOOOO GOOD I went back and bought these two more.  Sweetie got some for her family too.

It kinda tastes like gau but better.  The lady said it has young coconut and cheese in it.  Cheese? Maybe we heard wrong. Doesn't taste cheesy at all.  Anyway it was $1.

I also bought this bag of cut-up vegetables for $3.  I was gonna make some pinakbet with it and . . .

with this chicharone that I got for $8.  I never made the pinakbet 'cause Wendell came home with some steaks and grilled them instead.  He said he's gonna use my ingredients for tomorrow's dinner.

These avocado were 3/$2.00.  Good deal yah!

I bought cucumbers again and already made this from um.

I also got a bag of these baby eggplant for $1.  I'm gonna make some tsukemono with these too.


Susan said...

Great food buys this week! That dessert in the cup looks like ginataan (filipino desert w/coconut milk, mochi balls, taro, yam or sweet potato, jackfruit, and cooking banana.) The wrapped cheese dessert is something similar to what my mom makes but she doesn't put cheese in that one. She does however put bits of cheese in another rice cake dessert she makes in a pan. Yummm pinakbet too!! Missing my mom now : ( Great post Jalna!

Myko said...

Ohh Tupig!!! That's rice and grated coconut wrapped in banana leaves.

Erick said...

Good deal on the dust pan. Pinakbet, one of my favorite dishes. I'll bring the beer, what time should I come?

jalna said...

Ginataan! So that's what it's called, Susan. Those were exactly the ingredients in it. And they do add cheese to rice cake desserts?! So interesting.

Tupig! Thanks Myko. Now I know the names of my two new favorite desserts.

Funny Erick! But I think Wendell's gonna make sari sari instead.

Les said...

Those eggplants are so they taste the same??

Kalin's Mommy said...

Thanks for the samples of the desserts, I am gonna try the chicharone next time!

jalna said...

Les, tastes the same. Not sure if I would buy it again . . . too much skin, not enough insides.

Welcome Mich!

Betty Townsend said...

Good deal on the avocadoes...I bought one for $1.99 the other day.

SW said...

That's one great deal for the leave pan. I bought one from Walmart and I think I paid $18!!

jalna said...

Betty, got choke avocadoes at the swap meet now.

Wow Shun Wah $18! I didn't even know Walmart carried um.

Pinakbet said...

wow.. the eggplant was cute...

jalna said...

Cute yah Pinakbet!