Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kam Swam Meet - 3/17/2012

For the first time in weeks there was no wind and no rain on this swap meet day, so choke vendors were out selling their stuff.  There were lots to choose from but boy was it HOT HOT HOT. 

Didi was drawn to these cookbooks.  She didn't buy any.  I think she probably got um all already dat's why.

Geri is so good at weeding through stuff.  She's real patient and takes the time to dig through things and has a good eye.  I tend to scan the surface and will miss a lot.  Often I'll see something in Geri's hand and go, "Hey, are you getting that?" 

She found this putting ball return thing and bought it for $10.

One seller had lots and lots of rubber stamps.  I didn't dare ask how much she was selling them for.  I soooo do not need more rubber stamps.

Didi bought this zippered silk pouch for 25 cents!

This kid's float suit was selling for $4.

These doorknobs reminded me of my grandparent's "Up Puunui" house. They were selling for $35.

This clock reminded me of their house too. . . and even the view-master thing next to it . . . I remember looking through my cousin's one at the house.

Someone had just bought horns similar to this and I asked him how much he had paid.  He said that he paid $25. I wanted to take his picture, but he declined. 

Funny story about this plate.  Didi pointed out the plate to me and said that the guy was selling it for $2.  She walked away.  The guy then stood up from his seat, approached me and said, "I told her $2, but for you . . . $1."  Hahahaha!!   Then Geri saw a big bell and asked him how much it was.  He said, "$6."  Geri said, "So how much is it for my sister?"

I loved the photo on this book.  Don't know how much the book was, but Geri asked about the silver belly dancing outfit to the right of it.  It was $65. She didn't buy it.

She bought this glass vase for 25 cents instead.

These baby quail were going for $25 each.

This is a coconut husker.  By 9:30 the owner of the husker had sold all of his coconuts and was packing up to leave.

These are solar-powered vibrating cockroaches.  I know you want one.

Tools for the lady.

I have no idea . . .



I got this container of beads for $2.50. It was actually going for $3.  I also wanted the necklace in the next picture which was also going for $3.  Didi told me to offer $5 for both.  So I did, and after a bit of thought the seller agreed.


These bracelets were all 50 cents each except for the pearl one on the top.  That was $2.  I'm trying to stock up for my young-lady dress-up photo shoots.

Geri bought this sock monkey for me.  It was $1.

I thought I'd make him my first dress-up model.  Awesome, hah!


K and S said...

wow! score!

jalna said...

Yah, I just need models now Kat!

Susan said...

Love your swap meet posts. So interesting to see what people sell.

Betty Townsend said...

Awesome picks here!! What a fun thing to do with your sisters!!

Erick said...

Cool stuff! Love the pink tool kit.

Kalin's Mommy said...

I am afraid to ask - what does the solar cockaroach do?

jalna said...

Thanks for letting me know Susan! I was wondering if I should keep posting about our swap meet visits. Wasn't sure if it was getting to be boring or not.

It has been fun times Betty.

Neat yah, Erick.

It just vibrates, Michele.

Dd said...

OMG...I totally did not see those cool doorknobs ....memory lane..

jalna said...

That guy who was selling the doorknobs is always there Didi. You can probably check it out next time.

Anonymous said...

ok..i would've definitely gotten the cute pink women's tool set..but whatdaheck would anyone want vibrating cockaroaches for?? And those looked like Honda steering wheel THATs what happens to stolen vehicles! They sell it as parts! Haha CQ

jalna said...

CQ, I can so imagine you with the pink tools. I think Ronnie would like the cockroaches. He used to leave rubber ones around the office for us to find.

Nippon Nin said...

This is interesting post. 'So how much is it for my sister? 'Does She always has great come back line? I like that 25cent glass vase and I want the pink tool kit. The sock monkey is great!

Les said...

you didn't buy me a vibrating cockroach?? Now I gotta go next week to get me one. Love what you did to the sock monkey!!

jalna said...

Akemi, I hope you get to go to the swap meet next time you visit.

Hahahaha Les. I'll go check out the cockroach again next time. If cheap, I'll get you one.

LeighO said...

Did I ever tell you of the time Charles and I went up Puunui to visit Aunty Mabel ..... and during our visit Charles had to use the bathroom. Before Aunty Mabel could warn us... Charles locked the bathroom door. We found out later that the house must have resettled some months ago... or could be years ....that if you locked the door, it might get stuck. Well, I was sweating by the time Aunty Mabel and I got the door unlocked and Charles out of the bathroom.

jalna said...

OMG Sweetie! I never heard that story. It's been so long since I've been to that house. Makes me feel nostalgic thinking about it.