Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Da Mystery Package

You guys ready to find out what the 50-cent mystery package that Geri bought from the swap meet contained?

BEESWAX SHEETS for candlemaking!!  Supposedly "hand-rolled beeswax candles are virtually smokeless and dripless. They burn brighter than ordinary candles and have a light, sweet honey fragrance without the addition of any artificial fragrance."  How cool is that!!

The pack came with a variety of colored sheets.

I found a video online that explained how to use it.  This is my version.  I first cut a sheet into fourths.

I put them all together and placed the wick on one side.

Then I rolled it up real neat and tight.

Here's my very first beeswax candle!!  There are a variety of ways you can roll the sheets.  I gave Geri back the rest of them so that she can try it out for herself.

You can check out a tutorial here or a video here.

Pottery Class - Day 7:  CQ made another bowl.  I dropped by to say hi.


Les said...

hey that's pretty neat!

jalna said...

Yah Les, it was a neat surprise. . . and for only 50 cents too!

celia said...

What a nice surprise and did you say 50 cents? I really like the beeswax candle you made.

Erick said...

Cool! What no tray?

jalna said...

50 cents Celia!

jalna said...

No tray Erick.

K and S said...


jalna said...

:) Kat.

Betty Townsend said...

that's a neat candle. So did you drop out of the pottery class?

jalna said...

No, I didn't drop out . . . kinda hanging in there still . . . but barely.

Anonymous said...

k..First of all..i wanted to make THE bowl..THE BOWL with a dragon on it..The Bowl that i was gona use to turn in for the assignment. I sooooo gave up on the original dragon.(But i will TRY to finish it) Tho yet again, by the time i got there (yes, i was late again..) i didnt have time to do my dragon for my bowl. So NOW i got a unfinished bowl soaking, with a mound of clay with a 'duck shaped-head' on it that will 'magically-turn-into-a-dragon' soakin as well..not to mention my original 8lb 'dragon of procrastination' thats been soakin for 6 weeks!! Sigh..There's just not enough hours in the day... :0( CQ

jalna said...

Too funny, CQ!