Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Korean Tofu Miso Soup

Korean miso soup is like 3 times more potent than the Japanese version so be prepared. Geri, Teren and Wendell all ended up coughing after tasting the first spoonful; in fact Teren sprayed the whole dining room table.

I got this from Palama Market. I can only best decribe it as an anchovy dashi.
Put 1/4 cup of the dashi into 13 cups of water, set on medium heat.
Add 3 beef boullion cubes.
This red chili paste (kochujang) is also from Palama Market. I asked a customer there to tell me which one was her favorite and she chose this one for me. Add 1/4 cup to the broth.
I guess you should be using Korean miso for this soup, but I already had a tub of this in my fridge so I used this miso instead. Add 1 1/2 cups.
Add one zucchini, 1/2 onion and some chives. The recipe I was following called for green onions, but I had these chives so I used them instead.
Add two tubs of cut up tofu. Transfer your soup to a bigger pot and add 3 pounds of thinly sliced beef. It turned out to be kinda a lot of meat so you might not need that much. Simmer. And that's it! Pretty simple yeah!


Betty Townsend said...

Your soup looks really good. I wonder how it would be without the chili paste? But then it wouldn't be Korean, huh?

jalna said...

Betty, the soup was so flavorful, I think it still would be good without the chili paste.

Leslie's pics said...

oooh, looks yummy!

jalna said...

Les, good, but not as good as your mushroom soup.

Unknown said...

I have miso, tofu & round onion in my refrigerator. I think I'll make miso soup tonight!

jalna said...

Rick, knowing what a great cook you are, I'm sure you'll come up with a really ono miso soup.