Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nijiya Market

Nijiya Market just opened up in Puck's Alley at the corner of King and University. They specialize in food with gourmet Japanese ingredients, fresh fish, meats, organic produce, fruits and natural ingredients. Their kitchen is always preparing fresh sushi, sozai and other prepared foods daily. I'm quoting from the free magazine they offer, Gochiso, Ultimate Japanese Gourmet Magazine. If you go there, be sure to pick one up; got interesting articles and plenty recipes.
and bento, bento, bento.
The egg in this one caught my eye. It's a Korean-style "bibinba". If I wasn't so full already, I probably would have bought this one. I never saw so many different kinds of ice tea before.
The Kobe "style" beef all had that marble-y look.

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