Saturday, August 9, 2008

Honolulu Family Festival at Magic Island - 8/8/2008

Right after work yesterday, me, Leslie and Erick headed for Magic Island to the Honolulu Family Festival. Before I could talk myself out of it, I quickly bought this funnel cake for $6. It was good . . . crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside, but oh, sooo oily. I promise, I didn't eat the whole thing. Ask Leslie.
Leslie ate all of her corn, though. It was $5. She asked for garlic salt on it. You could also choose cajun, lemon, li hing, and Old Bay. Erick got a combination Old Bay/garlic salt. Ono.
After our snack, we started heading towards the pig race. We passed this kid sharing his cotton candy with mom and dad.

and this Ben and Jerry trailer.

The pigs were sooo cute. Although I claimed a good spot early, we started losing the light, and because of the pigs' lightning speed, this is the best shot I got.
After the race we headed towards the ferris wheel to try out long-exposure shots. This is a 15-second shot taken from below the ferris wheel. The glow from the tents caught my eye.
The High Flying Trapeze show started at 8:30. This stunt was neat 'cause the guy actually has a bag over his head and he has to listen for cues from his partner.
After the trapeze show Erick had the bright idea for us to ride the ferris wheel and try to get shots from high. Good idea except me and Leslie both got "car-sick".

Here are a few more images I took before going home. I was beat . . . sore back, tired legs. . . not no spring chicken no more.

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