Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Peanut Butter Bait

Warning! Warning! Cockroach video!

I was mentioning our cockroach problem to my sisters the other day, and Didi suggested using peanut butter for bait.  That very night, I put a trap-a-roach with peanut butter out on the kitchen counter. This is what I found the next morning. 

Now I'm gonna put more in the cupboards. 


mmiissee said...

I can handle the baby roaches, but not the big ones lol
Something about the peanut butter than brings them out from hiding.

Honolulu Aunty said...

Good to know! I got plenty cockaroaches - can't stand them and am constantly at war with them.

Last night at a Sans Souci get together, flies were everywhere because there was no wind. I also can't stand flies - dirty buggahs. I mentioned how we used to use the HoyHoy traparoach traps for flies - turn it inside out so the sticky side is on top, put a very very little bit of stinky food to attract one fly, and when it lands, the feet get stuck and they try and fly away, but no can.

Then, because that dirty buggah is flapping and buzzing away to escape, its noise attracts more flies and they all start getting stuck too.

VERY gross, but so satisfying to me.

I going try the peanut butter at home on the traparoach. However, last night they were talking that those traps were all pulled from the market!!! Haaaaaaah? Wassup?

DNakamaru said...

cute kine roaches.
our's is the extra large kine

but i will try the peanut butter bait.

K and S said...


Mark Shelby said...

Good idea! I'm glad we don't have cockroaches in San Diego. Lately I've been having a problem with rats outside and sometimes in my garage. They climb up in my cars engine compartment and start making a nest. So keep loaded rat traps near my cars. And I use Peanut Butter for bait! ; )

Susan said...

I just use the roach discs and it takes care of it. I know it's not safe for kids or pets but I can't stand those roaches! Hope you catch 'em all!

jalna said...

Oooh, Mmiissee . . . I got one big one the next day!

That would be so satisfying to me too, Aunty . . . so annoying those flies. I heard that the traps were being pulled too. Maybe we gotta make our own duct tape kine.

Dean, we use our A-Salt gun on the big ones.

Totally, Kat!

Ewwww, Mark.

I set out more, Susan!

Leslie's pics said...


jalna said...

LOL, Les.

Mark Shelby said...

If you all have an ant problem, I have a trick for that too. Get a glass jar cap. Put in Boric Acid powder and mix with maple syrup. You need the sweetness of the maple syrup to attract the ants. The ants will take it back to the hive to feed everyone including the Queen ant. And you will have killed the entire ant nest!

This will take a few days, and you will see a continuous trail of ants on your counter going to eat up the mixture. But be patient! This really works! There are videos on youtube that also explain how to do this.

Boric acid also works on cockroaches!