Monday, May 2, 2016

Inomata Microwave Rice Cooker

I got this at the swap meet for $1.  I did see it at Marukai too, but they were all still in a box with no price on it, so I don't know how much it sells for there. On Amazon it goes for a whopping $13. You can check it out here. And then, I also saw it on a Malaysian 100-yen Shop website here. Makes me wonder if one of the 100-yen stores in Japan might carry them . . . hmmmmmm?


This instruction sheet was tucked into the container.

It has three parts to it. 

The inner lid can be used to measure out your portion . . . one side holds 1/2 cup and the other side 1 cup. So smart da designers, yah.

I made 1/2 cup. The measurement for the water level is on the side of the container.  The rice needs to soak for 20 - 30 minutes before cooking.

Now this is where the previous owner of the container might've mucked up and ended up giving the cooker to "Goodwill".  The instructions say to cook at 500W for 7 minutes for 1/2 cup and 10 minutes for 1 cup. What in the world is 500W power, right?

I looked inside of our microwave and found this. I figured that at High the output is 1100W.  So I decided to cook the rice on Medium for the 7 minutes. After cooking you need to let the rice rest for 20 minutes.

Loooooook at how it turned out! Howzdat, hah? Shocked da-hell-outta-me. It actually coulda gone another minute or two in the micro, but still . . . it was good!

Bottom line . . . because of the 20 - 30 minute presoak and the 20 minutes cooling off, it's not a time-saver. But if you no more one rice cooker and you do have a microwave . . . IT TOTALLY WORKS!


If you can read Japanese, here are pictures that I took of the outside packaging from a container at Marukai.




Kalin's Mommy said...

I had another microwave rice cooker that had a red top, the few times I tried I totally failed...ended up giving it to Goodwill. LOL

jalna said...

Hahahahaha!! User error . . . that is soooo funny, Mich!

mmiissee said...! I wouldn't mind buying one like that.
It'll be good for people cooking for themselves and yeah dont mind waiting.
If it's only me eating rice, I usually heat up the Hinode microwave rice bowls.

K and S said...

the microwaves here are 650W & 500W:)

Anonymous said...

j: kind of a pricey way to make a cup of rice...I thought I saw way bigger containers that mico rice. Plus their are really cheap rice makers these days, even on craigslist. -N

Mark Shelby said...

That's really neat! Before I read the whole thing I was going to warn you that most microwaves are 1000 to 1,200 watts. So I was going to say to half the time. But your "on medium" idea is even better I think. Gives it more heat time to steam. Great idea!

You always find all of the Kewlest stuff Jalna! You got Da Eye!

Mark Shelby said...

Also Jalna......I just love how thorough you are in everything you kindly share!!

Keep going! ; )

Nippon Nin said...

Ha ha ha! No time savor but definitely it's a space savor I think...and for just $1, it's totally worth it.

jalna said...

Those microwave rice bowls are so convenient yah, Mmiissee!

I was wondering about that, Kat.

N, plus got those really convenient microwavable rice bowls nowadays too. I think that they're so amazing. How in the world, yah.

Thanks, Mark!

Yes Akemi, it's totally worth the $1. Hahahaha!!

Susan said...

You're so smart! I always soak my rice for 30 minutes. Rice is nice and fluffy that way. I discovered those microwavable rice bowls in Japan last summer when we went camping...perfect rice too :)

Leslie's pics said...

now you can have fresh rice at work!!!!

Kay said...

That is darn awesome! You really are so smart to figure that all out.

jalna said...

Susan, I try to do soaking too.

Hey Les, I never thought of that.

Took me awhile, Kay.

Anna said...

Last year I totally gave up my electric rice cooker and only use the microwave now for all kinds of rice: regular, brown, sushi, sticky. Yesterday I made daifukumochi and it worked like a charm. Takes about two times tops for each kind to figure it out.

Anonymous said...

I tried many ways,cooked at ,500 for 7 min. but always runs over at about 3-4 into cook time. Help or this thingy is going into trash......

jalna said...

That's so awesome, Anna!

Oh no, Anon . . . don't throw it away. Do you know what the max output of your microwave is? Maybe try 1/2 cup of rice at 30% (instead of 50%) power for 7 minutes.

Lisa King said...

I bought this in a Japanese grocery store and tried it with super premium short grain sushi rice... In still learning but first attempt was a fail. I think I have to cook it in the microwave for twice the $0 minutes for 1 cup. Do you agree?