Monday, May 16, 2016


I always look forward to seeing Benny at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet. He's originally from the Virgin Islands, and is at the swap meet every weekend promoting his music CDs. He is always so upbeat and positive that it's a pleasure talking story with him. 

Yesterday I noticed that he had two paintings for sale on display, and I asked him if he did the paintings himself. He said that he didn't but added that he wouldn't mind trying his hand at it someday. I asked if he enjoyed doing such things. He said that back in his younger days he did do a mean paint-by-number. I totally cracked up. So funny, yah! I'm still cracking up thinking about it. 



K and S said...

nice post!

Kay said...

You meet the most fun people at the swap meets.

Honolulu Aunty said...

He looks very with it - non traditional, different, cool.

Benny's picture reminded me of the time our friend Fay and I were shopping in a big Vegas Outlet complex. Big place with lots and lots of stores. I was looking for the Crocs outlet store and we asked several employees at different stores for directions and they would have us going this way and that, up and down, and we couldn't find the Crocs store. Then we saw a young man dressed kinda reggae like Benny selling bongs in his shop.

Hmmm. We were tired of walking around and really didn't think he would know but we asked and he pointed out and gave us directions to the store. Lo and behold, he was the only one that had it right! Had to laugh, so me and Fay go back to take a picture of him and us together to remember and chuckle. The bong man gave us the way.

jalna said...

Thanks Kat.

There are a lot of cool people there, Kay.

Funny story, Aunty!! Hahahaha!! And you're totally correct about Benny being non-traditional, different and cool. When we first met him Benny was eating Korean nori for his breakfast. Since then I make sure that I have some of those nori sheets for him whenever I go there.