Friday, April 8, 2016

Short Story

Beginning of Short Story:  I needed to pick up dinner for the family and was ono for some ramen.

Middle of Short Story: I had brain fart and couldn't remember the name of the place in Hawaii Kai that I used to get not-the-greatest-but-near-my-house-ramen (Tokyo Noodle House). By mistake I ordered from Ramen-Ya. 

End of Short Story: Ramen-Ya = Bland. Junk. Disappointing. Not worth the calories. Lose money. Never again. 


Honolulu Aunty said...

Some short story, lol!

I have a case of the cheap chicken flavored ramen from Costco (orange package, got 48 in the box). Surprisingly, the noodles are pretty good - not mushy and cheapo like the other cheap ramen stuff. Almost as good as Sapporo Ichiban, maybe even better. Small packages but just right for one serving.

I cook it with spam and smashed ginger, then at the end I throw in veggies like choi sum or whatever I have, and then I add kimchee to it as I eat.

Going out to eat ramen is luxurious for me, so even the junk Ramen Ya place you went is okay for me. Not great, but okay enough.

Anonymous said...

j: omg happened to me too last week. Was by Shiro's in Pearl City...remembered they had excellent chop steak. Ordered it and kept it until dinner. I open the box when ready and I was met with STIR FRIED veggies. I was like WTH??? I took a bite and it tasted as awful as it looked: wilted veggies, sweet sour sauce. Then I realized I remembered was KC Drive Inn a few doors down that had the great chop steak. aaaargghhhhhhhhh. The food I had was just crap..but then it's a saimin joint....sigh -N

Cloudia said...

Being able to convey a whole narrative so briefly is a truly valuable skill!!!

Julie said...

Yes, it's such a bummer when you waste money on bad food!!
I know the feeling!

Mark Shelby said...

I don't understand completely what this is all about. Were you trying to find them already cooked and a complete meal? I get my ramen noodles at the .99 cent store, sometimes 5 for a dollar! Then I make it at home and add my beef and veggies. I keep several on hand so I don't run out.

Have fun with the video! ; )

jalna said...

Aunty, your cheap ramen sounds good the way you make um!

Aaaaack, N . . . so you know exactly how I felt!!

LOL, Cloudia!

Yah, it was lose money x 4 people, Julie.

Hahahaha, I've seen that video before, Mark. Sooo funny!!

Kay said...

So true. We're not big on Ramen-ya either.

Susan said...

Pet peeve: bad ramen from restaurants!

Mark Shelby said...

That's because I sent it to you before! ; )

jalna said...

Add me to that club, Kay.

Susan, especially when it's not cheap.

No wondah, Mark.

Leslie's pics said...

aieyaaaah I hate when that happens!!

jalna said...

I was so disappointed, Les.

mmiissee said...

I've never heard of tokyo noodle house before.
Ramen-Ya and Daiichi Ramen is pretty much the same, but a lot of people go.