Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Natto Saga Continues - Kuromame Natto

When my sister Geri mentioned that the natto that she liked in Japan was black, I was astounded. I heard a bell in my head go "PINGGGG". Astonishment soon gave way to excitement when I realized that there still was hope. I might still find a natto that I could enjoy eating.

Marukai didn't have it. Nijiya in Puck's Alley didn't have it. 

Nijiya on Kona Street did!  Happy!  Happy!

It came with the tare sauce, but in place of the usual mustard pack it came with a wasabi pack instead.

I wasn't sure how potent the wasabi would be so I decided to just go with the tare sauce.

I did the "litoru mix, litoru mix".  I know.  I know.  The chopsticks don't match.  Oh, you so observant.

I took just a little bit for my first bite.  I didn't need to chant encouragement to myself this time. Okay, maybe I did a little.  And yes, the rice is brown and white mixed in case you noticed that too.

Ummmm . . . . . it wasn't as stinky as other natto . . . . but . . . . ummmm . . . . maybe the wasabi would help after all. 

I also added this nori paste that I got from Marukai. 

See how it says you can add it to natto.  

It came in this box.  It was expensive . . . $10 . . . but it's good.

I also added some green onions.  And guess what happened.  It was very, very delicious.  The nori and green onions helped a lot.  I actually finished this bowl.  BUT . . . .


I guess I just gotta get used to it.  That's probably the clot-busting enzymes in the natto.

But . . .  I . . . . think . . . I'll . . . . still . . . .  continue . . . . the . . . . search . . . .


Dd said...

ummm...the Nori Kuro ?? Why does it say Yuzu Sco ?? Same like that sauce I bought, which ended up being a hot sauce ??

jalna said...

Maybe Yuzusco is the brand name, DIdi. On their Japanese website it shows a lot of their different products. BTW, did you know that Yuzu + Tobasco = Yuzusco!

1DecentApple said...

You inspired me to consider trying to eat natto since I could certainly reap the benefits that are detailed in your post. My parents did not eat natto so I guess that's why I don't like someone else said earlier. But maybe it's time to give it a try? Ho you so influencial, yeah?

Anonymous said...

Try eating with clot blocking crispy BACON!!!!!! ;)

And .....
Maybe no mixsu....bc mixsu = slimu....?

Susan said...

The slime would be the worst part for me...not the smell. I will check the one Jaoanese food store we have on island and see if they have it. Maybe I will wash off the slime, lol

lance said...

I usually buy the chopped up natto. Somehow, for me, it's easier to eat then the whole beans. Might be easier for you to?

CT said...

More smell and slime means it is more better for you, pickled ginger, sushi bar kine might make it taste better. I don't care for slimy stuff too but, in this case slime is good. Don't worry, like everything else we didn't like in our younger days, it will grow on you and you will love it later in life. I just ate okra in my gumbo and thought of you and your not toe, good luck


Erick said...

Looks gross. If it is already rotten why do you have to put it in the fridge?

Anonymous said...

Eat da natto

Go eat da natto

Go eat natto all day long!!!!

No worry and no hurry

Bc da natto going stick around !

Anonymous said...

Jalna: you made me LOL at the end. If you force yourself to eat it, it'll come natural hopefully. That's what my boss told me when he lived in Japan w/ a host family. He had it every morning and grew to like it.

BTW gave you the wrong info on the mustard. It has a Beaver on it cuz it's from the Beaver company. Bear, beaver both starts with a B.

Aloha, N

jalna said...

Al, my mom eats natto, but she says she does only 'cause it's good for you, not because she likes it.

HAHAHAHAHA!! Mixsu = slime. It really does, Anon.

Funny, Susan!

Lance, Wendell did buy a bag of the chopped-up one. Maybe I'll give it a try.

I love that-kine ginger CT. Thanks for the tip.

I thought that same thing, Erick.

Love the poem, Anon. Makes me :)

Hahahahah. N, you just like me. I only remember the first letters of words.

Randism said...

you deserve a medal for bravery!

jalna said...

LOL. Thanks Rand!