Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Beloved Teva Slipper

I spent this morning trying to upload a video that I did of rain in my backyard.  First I tried Flickr.  It failed.  The message said something like, "Oops.  Our videos are offline now.  Try again later.  You still can upload photos though."  So I tried YouTube.  YouTube is trying to get me to use my real full name instead of my fake login name.  They actually nag you and say stuff like "Come on, you're gonna like it.  See, look at this . . . click here and you're gonna see how nice it looks.  It's really important."  And then they don't let you go any further unless you "click here".  FOOOGET IT.  The video's lame anyway.  I going try Flickr again later . . . just so that you guys can see my lame one-minute video of rain.

Here's what you get instead.  A picture of what a bad dog did to my favorite slipper.



waibu said...

Eh nice picture of your chewed up slippah!

jalna said...

Thanks Waibu. The lighting is nice yah! It's right by my bedroom window.

Nippon Nin said...

Ha ha ha. Cute!

jalna said...

:) thanks Akemi.