Monday, March 12, 2012

Kam Swap Meet Again

Me, Sweetie and Geri went to the Kam swap meet yesterday.

See that black thing in the sky?  That's a grocery bag that flew waaaay up there. That's how windy it was.  I think bad weather kept a lot of the sellers away again. 


It didn't stop us from having fun though. Geri has a 25-cent crocheted blouse that she scored. It was made with skinny ribbon!

Sweetie is holding a stuffed pooch that I bought for Kona for $1.00.

Geri said that if this bag was not more than 10 cents, then she would get it.  Hahahaha.  It was $2.00, so she didn't get it.  Thank God!

This bag had a basket on the bottom of it.  It was $1.00. Kinda neat, but she didn't buy it either.

She did buy a bunch of cute stickers for $1.00.

And no, she didn't buy the horns.

This bayleaf plant was $10. Sweetie couldn't decide if she wanted to get it or not and by the time we went back for it, it was sold.  The lady said to come back next Saturday, so we're probably gonna go back again.

Cute shoes yah! 

I love this picture of Geri. She looks so happy.  She bought this wooden vase for $1.00.  The wood is really nice and it has a glass vial in it.

This package was all sealed up with what looked like might be homemade paper in between two pieces of cardboard.  It was going for $1.00 but when Geri asked the seller what it was, he said that he didn't know.  Geri said, "I don't wanna pay $1 for something that I don't know what it is.  How about 25 cents?"  She ended up getting it for 50 cents.  She's good yah! Man, I gotta practice how to bargain too.   Anyway, it turned out not to be homemade paper but something else. Can you guess what's behind the cardboard by looking at the picture?  Tune in tomorrow to find out.

I bought these two bags of coffee for $5 each.  In case you're wondering, it's still good . . . expiration is January 2013.

Here are a few other things that caught my eye.

This hot dog thing was $10. Pretty cool huh!

Old bottles

What the heck is this?



One really old vacuum cleaner




When I got home I took pictures of some of the stuff I bought.  I didn't find one thing for my hairclips. Instead I found these mugs for Wendell's dad and his sister for $1 each.  Only thing . . . while taking this picture I noticed that one of um was cracked.  Bummahs.

I also got this beaded bowl for $2.00. 

Right now it's storing my little-girl blings which I just bought for $5. I have a plan . . . I wanna have girl dress-up photo shoots. So along with my hairclips, they're gonna need to wear some bling too, right?  Good idea hah!  Oh well . . . we'll see.

Here's a plate I bought for $1.00. I might use this for this Tuesday's pottery class as a base for yet another clay plate. Again, oh well . . . we'll see.

This plate was $1.00 also.  More betta just buy um instead of make um, yah.

And here's Kona posing with his new pal.  Ahaha!


Anonymous said...

Aww...Kona no look too happy.

Anonymous said...

i love to see the chitcaronis at the swap meet. So random,and yet so interesting.

D's mom

Kalin's Mommy said...

Haha, your stories are so amusing that it makes me want to go swap meet too! I really don't have the guts to bargain though!

Erick said...

Love the shot of Kona and his buddy. He looks so excited. LOL

Betty Townsend said...

What fun finding all kinds of treasures! I like that blue plate!

jalna said...

Anon, Kona hates posing. Hahaha.

You go to the swap meet too D's mom? Fun yah. Sorry, dunno what "chitcaronis" is.

I have a hard time bargaining too Michele. Geri is surprising me. She used to be so shy and reserved . . . just like me . . . hahahaha.

Funny yah Erick. He's like "hurry up with the shot so I can play with my toy!"

It's so fun Betty.

Les said...

So does he like it? It kinda doesn't look like it! hahaha! So do the vendors recognize you guys yet? You're practically regulars!

jalna said...

Kona likes it Les. He just didn't like having to pose. The vendors don't recognize us yet, but I am recognizing them.