Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dane and Laurie Wedding

One night about 20 years ago, Wendell and I were in the living room watching TV.  Wendell got a phone call from someone with the Hawaii Kai Youth Baseball League.  He said that a new family had just moved into the neighborhood and had missed  signing up their son for the current baseball season.  The draft had already taken place and although Wendell had already chosen the players for his team, he wondered if Wendell would be willing to pick up an extra member.  Wendell agreed.  His name was Dane Marcouiller, a quiet, shy hapa haole kid who turned out to be one of the best all-around players that Wendell has ever coached.  And the Marcouiller family . . . one of the best ever.

Dane and Laurie's wedding was held yesterday at Loulu Palm Estate in Haleiwa.  This is one of my first shots of the day.  It's of the recession . . . opposite of procession . . .  which in wedding talk is the exiting of the wedding party after the ceremony.  So you know what that means, huh  . . . yup . . .  we were late.  We totally missed the wedding ceremony.  Aiyaaaaaa.

Jay and Bryce are Dane's brothers.  Wendell  was fortunate enough to have been able to coach them too, extending the Marcouiller legacy 13 years.

Dane's parents, Dave and Amy Marcouiller. Here, I am at a loss for words. What can I say about a friendship between families that began with a single phone call 20 years ago?  A friendship that has endured long after the last baseball season ended. What can I say . . .  but that such a thing is rare and very precious.  

Laurie's parents.  Alan Nakamura is actually my classmate.  I remember him well.  He doesn't remember me at all.  Hahahaha.

The Nakamura's dog Ty was the ring bearer.

Darren on the left and Nuff-Beanies-Already Kimo next to him, both coached by Wendell about 30 years ago.  Faye Wong on the right. Her son Brent played baseball with Landon.

This is the official photographer David Lau.  He was in the process of setting up a softbox when something caught his eye.  I had to grab this shot . . . thought it was funny.  I actually met David awhile back.  I bought a Canon flash transmitter from him off of Craigslist.  I e-mailed him recently when I had a problem with the transmitter.  Turns out I just needed to change the battery.  Duhhhh.  That's why I'm still a wanna-be.IMG_3966a

I often think of my friend Kevin's words about letting the professionals do their job and to not be a distraction to their subjects. Since I cannot leave my gear at home . . . that's impossible . . . I do try to stay away from the main photography  action as much as I can . . .

but it's not easy.

I told you  . . . not easy.  After emerging from behind some bushes to get this shot . . .

I turned around and went back to the party.   The ono food was done by Poke Stop.





There was a sushi bar also with three . . . count um . . . three . . .  sushi chefs.








Here are more shots.  I must tell you . . . not only were we late for the wedding, but almost from the beginning my flash stopped working.   So essentially what I have here for you are shots from right after the ceremony until just before the start of the reception program.  Kinda like I only got what happened during intermission.   Sheese . . . what kine coverage is dat, yah?!  















Les said...

So, so, so funny....I'm so glad you weren't late to my wedding :). So, did you hear any "EXCUUUUUSE MEE!! please stay out of my shot!" people? hahaha! I never heard of that place. Looks nice...kinda far though.

Hey lucky you had good lighting. Love the pics...even if some of them are stolen shots :) stooopid flash.

K and S said...

awesome shots!

Mariko said...

All these people are way too cute to be real life people. Seriously.
That is a very sweet story. I love that.

And I want all of my meals catered by poke stop from now on. Yup. And 3 sushi chefs.

Betty Townsend said...

Great pictures!

jalna said...

Soooo hard to watch the shooting from afar, Les. Even if I want to just watch, I don't want them looking at me instead of at the photographer. Maybe I should get a longer lens . . . hahaha. And yup, stupid flash. Had to use my OLD 420EX for a shoot yesterday. Good thing it still works.

Thanks Kat!

Mariko, I love you. Your words always manage to make me smile.

Thanks Betty.

Erick said...

How cool how you meet! Nice shoots of the wedding. I love the ringer bearer, looks like Kona. Great coverage of the reception. Too bad they didn't hold the ceremony for you.

jalna said...

Yeah, why they neva wait for me yah Erick?!

mmiissee said...

What a beautiful wedding....the weather looked perfect.

jalna said...

It was perfect Mmiissee. Not hot, nice and cool.

Jacy said...

Hi Jalna - I am friends with Jay and when I got a new phone last year, I lost his number. I'm trying to get in touch with him. Is there any way you could put me in touch with him? My name is Jacy. Thanks!

jalna said...

Hi Jacy, I passed your message on to Dane. If Jay doesn't get in touch with you soon, you can email me at