Thursday, June 23, 2011

Arabiki Sausage

Susan from Guam asked about the arabiki sausages we had this past weekend.  Here's Didi's response:

You can find the arabiki in grocery stores, Times, Don Quixote, Foodland, Marukai. While it is fully cooked, it DOES come refrigerated. There are Rendondo's arabiki hot dogs and sausages, the hot dogs don't have the sheep skin casings on them, no casing at all, so no crunch.


Arabiki Skewers

1 pkg. Redondo's arabiki sausage
6 bamboo wooden skewers, soaked in water 30 minutes
 Poke skewer into sausage. Grill.



Susan said...

Aww, tks Jalna. My request has been made : ) I hope I get to try these in a few weeks! Tks to Didi too!

jalna said...

Yay! You're gonna love them Susan.

Dd said...

Susan...I just saw the arabiki sausage at Sam's Club

Erick said...

Yum, another ono recipe from Didi!

mmiissee said...

they're pretty good...I like it when it cracks and the crunch hehe

Susan said...

Tks Didi, which of these stores is in Kaneohe?

jalna said...

Me too Mmiissee!!

jalna said...

Susan, Times and Foodland got stores in Kaneohe, and Don Q in Kailua.