Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We arrived at the Hyatt in the evening. While Leslie went to park the car I waited for her in the lobby. I at first told her that I would meet her up in the room, but I changed my mind when I realized I would have a hard time maneuvering all our cr*p around on the rolley thing.


This is our awesome room . . . with HD widescreen flat TV!!

Bright and early the next morning we headed for these Locks.

Can someone explain to me in simple language what this means? Will Salmon Bay or Puget Sound disappear if not for the locks?



I thought this was pretty neat. I guess we don't have enough room to have something like this in Hawaii . . . in some places we barely have on-ramps.

I got chicken skin here.

Some park. I forget the name . . . starts with a "K". See the Space Needle? Good photographer, hah!?




Les loves cows so I asked her to pose for me here.

I know . . . ewwwwwwww!!

My greatest fear was that I would trip and have to brace myself against the wall to keep from falling. Hahahahaha . . . how gross yeah!

The neatest thing about traveling with Les is that she has no fear in just driving the car to wherever she wants to go. She just picks a place and we're off. This was the neatest toy store . . . had all kine bizarre stuff.



Okay, almost pau. We go home the day after this, so just a few more picture to go.


Randism said...

more cool pick chaz ;-) wow, that onramp idea is new to me; so interesting! and the color of da leavz, wow... makes me wanna go on anoda east coast fall rode trip!

jalna said...

Wow, Rand, you sound like a seasoned traveler like Leslie.

SW said...

I LOOVE the colors of autumn..wish we had them here.. So is the green lights supposed to make it easier to get on the freeway? Yeah...we need one of those so I can get on the on-ramp! Thanks for sharing your adventure. Maybe you guys should go on a camping trip next time like Oprah..:-)

Erick said...

Great shots of Seattle! I really love the orange leave so pretty.

Betty Townsend said...

Did the freeways scare you, Jalna? We have those lights on the onramps to regulate traffic merging...I don't think it helps at all. Beautiful fall color from the maple tree. The locks are interesting. Didn't know they had them on the west coast...

jalna said...

Shun Wah, the lights must regulate the amount of traffic merging, not that it makes it easier getting on. Camping is not for me unless got the comforts of home there.

Erick, I loved the colors too!

Betty, the freeways did scare me especially when Leslie would go, "Oh my God, oh my God, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die . . . " Hahahaha.

Les said...

wooohooo!! not one scratch on the car!!! I wonder if anyone noticed my where's waldo picture....hey, you sure brought a lot of crap with you to Seattle! Pack lighter next time! Geez! hahahaahah!

oh yah, thanks for taking at least ONE picture of me in NEXT TO the space needle!! :)

jalna said...

Les, I know, you so good driver . . . amaaaazing! I'll remember to pack lighter next time so I'll have room for all the stuff YOU buy. Hahahaha.

bebedeer said...

Les is MY kind of traveler!!

jalna said...

Fawn, she's no scaredy cat, that's for sure.

OkiHwn said...

I would have gotten "chicken skin" too.

jalna said...

Nate, I thought of you as I was taking the picture, remembering how you got scoldings from your mom.

shelley said...

cool aunty!! that wall of gum was kinda gross.... but neat. wow, i always wanted to visit Bruce & Brandon Lee's grave site, just to pay my respects. if you ever go to Paris, please do take a pic of Jim Morrison's headstone! by the way, at the pikes market - did they still have a huge metal pig?

jalna said...

Hey Michelle, I feel the same way about the wall. I doubt I'll ever go to Paris, but I'll keep your request in mind! The metal pig is still there. In fact the stairs to the gum wall is right by the pig. Thanks for commenting!

Quaeréndus said...

Great pictures! Love the gum wall. The park must be Kerry Park. Spent many cold mornings and evenings there!

jalna said...

That's right, Quaerendus . . . Kerry Park! It was so cold and blustery there . . . I loved it.