Friday, August 20, 2010

Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail Hike

We only had to work half a day today so CQ organized a hike up to Makapu'u Lighthouse after work. It was a blast. I love hanging out with these guys. No forget check out Leslie's pics too!

Here are the hikers minus Brandee and Deborah who rushed ahead.
It was a perfect, beautiful day for a hike.

We stopped here where I rested my butt along this ledge.

Such a beautiful place on this earth makes one reflective.
Hey look!!!

"Let's go down there!!"

Me and Susie said, "No way in hell!" So here're Les and CQ waving bye as they make their way down the cliff . . .

while me and Susie made our way up to the top.
The bright sun made picture taking kinda hard.
I have no clue what this Jurassic looking plant is.
Susie said that this is a night-blooming cereus bud. These were growing all over the place.

Had choke of these too. What are these? Cactus buds?
IMG_3521a IMG_3523a IMG_3508a
IMG_3547a IMG_3549a IMG_3564a

Going down!
IMG_3614a IMG_3571a IMG_3583a IMG_3590a

Here's part of an e-mail that CQ sent out the day after the hike:

Ok..the Makapuu Light House Hike was a success! Meaning..nobody was seriously injured and we all will make it back to work on Monday..Haha. The trek up the paved part was hot ( we kinda started a lil later than we should've ) and the sun was relentless. The climb down to the pools was tedious and slow for some, but its better safe than sorry. The tide pools at the bottom was a crisp cool blue and a refreshing welcome after the hike to get there. We got to hang out maybe 20 minutes till the tide started coming in so that was the signal to head back up. We had some "gun-ho-I-am-gona-carve-my-OWN-trail-I-blaze" issues back up the mountainside (u know who u are..which by the way is NOT reccomended and almost gave me a damn heart attack! Not by fear of ME falling, but more THEM falling) but was immediately and carefully corrected. All in all maybe a lil scratched here and there- tired and sore, but none worse the wear, and thank goodness... but we all sure had FUN!


Les said...

ok, ok, I'd better start post processing! I gotta remember to situate myself better in your shots from now more edge pictures!! ugh! Too bad you guys never join us, it was scary as hell but it was fun!

jalna said...

Um . . . "scary as hell" and me don't go together. No rush on post. I'll just link when you pau. Like I said before I no more life - that's why I can finish my pictures fast.

Randism said...

nice shots; nice weather for picture taking and a hike ;-)

looking forward to les's pics...

jalna said...

Thanks Rand! It was a great bonding day.

Betty Townsend said...

So, jalna...beautiful pictures...but you making me so homesick. Just looking at the blue, blue ocean makes me wanna cry. What is it about seeing the water that makes one miss "home". I love the Makapu'u lookout area. I was going through pictures the other day and found some that Gerry took of me at that spot many years ago. So beautiful!!!

jalna said...

Betty, the scenery on our east end is so beautiful, it makes ME wanna cry too.

K and S said...

scary but beautiful!

jalna said...

Kat, staying on the paved road is very, very safe. Other than that, it would be wise for people to know and not push their limits.

Unknown said...

U shoulda seen Bran..she was making her OWN trails comming back up. "with the trail she blazed!!"

jalna said...

Hahahaha, CQ, that sounds so like Bran!

Randism said...

by da way, that iz one weird, from-outta-space-looking plant you shot!

how do we know you're really jalna? maybe da plant went eat u up!?!?

jalna said...

Rand, they were all over the place. I only had my 16-35mm lens with me so I couldn't really get any close-up shots. I think I'll go back and take my macro lens with me.