Monday, June 28, 2010

Peace Cafe - Vegan Home Cooking

My cousin Roger mentioned Peace Cafe on my previous blog post on Loving Hut. Although I'm not a vegan I liked the food at Loving Hut so much that I decided to check out Peace Cafe's fare today, my day off. Roger mentioned that it was across the street from Moiliili Longs, so I pulled my car over here and parked. Do you see the sign? I didn't. I sat there in my car thinking, "Where could it be?" and I was right in front of it.

I think they need a bigger sign.
I love chalkboard menus . . . so quaint.
Tempting Tempeh Sandwich ($8.45). Very flavorful. What's tempeh anyway? I liked it. I think I could go for this vegan stuff. You kinda gotta eat this right away or your bread will get soggy.
Soy Soba Salad ($7.95). I loooved it. The dressing is really good. I gave half to my mom. She liked it too. Would you believe this is miso soup? It has broccoli, mushroom and onions in it. If you think "miso soup" as you eat it you might not like it, but if you think "broccoli soup" as you're eating it, then it's good! It's $2.00 extra when you order something else. Good deal.
Kinako Cookies (2/$2.15). Kinda dense, but tasted good.


Les said...

What a cute restaurant!! The food sounds interesting...

Roger said...

I'm glad that you got to try the food at Peace Cafe. Sorry that I forgot to tell you about the sign being so hard to see. I also passed by without seeing it when I first visited there.

I give you credit for giving more "vegan" food a try. "Tempeh" is fermented soybeans (kind of like natto). I must agree that the kinako cookies are a bit dense - they have more of a salty than sweet taste huh. Most of the desserts there are not too sweet - which I like.

By the way, I went to Loving Hut this past weekend. I had the Pho dish which was very tasty and really filling. I didn't like some of the soy protein in the Pho though because it reminded me too much of meat.

jalna said...

Les, it's veeeery different.

Hey Roger. I liked the food I got today. Thanks for the tip! I'm glad you got to try Loving Hut. I think I would like the Pho, especially since faux meat doesn't gross me out like it does you.

K and S said...

I was gonna ask if you turned vegan...this place looks like some of the cafes we have here!

jalna said...

Kat, I don't really care for red meat and I do like tofu and vegetables, but becoming a vegan would be way too restrictive for me. I'm liking the food though.