Sunday, October 19, 2008

Choi's Garden - 10/18/2008

Landon treated me and Wendell to dinner last night. We went to Choi's Garden on Rycroft.

The meal was started with some "pan chan" side dishes.

Wendell and I ordered the same thing - this Stone Pot Rice which was really good. It came with Kalbi and an impressively bubbling miso soup. Landon also ordered this Kalbi Ahn Chang which is tender rib meat (very good)
and this Bi Bim Naeng Myon chewy noodle dish. I was surprised that despite its flavorful appearance it was rather bland.

Landon's been wanting to try monk fish for awhile so he ordered this Monk Fish Stew. He said the broth was good, but other than that he totally hated it. The bulbous thing on the right of the bowl is called a sea squirt and the dish contained about a dozen of them. Landon said that it tastes like what a raw eyeball would taste like. When you bite into it, it pops and squirts out this gooey, salty sludge, the memory of which continues to haunt him.

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Erick said...

Great pictures, you making me hungry again!

Next time try the spicy kalbi tang, kind of hot, broth very beefy, ONO. It is my favorite dish at Choi's Garden and Choi's is my favorite Korean restaurant. I know they got some strange stuff, do not try the sting ray soup, hard to eat and kind of strange taste.

Great job though, the photos are so sharp and saturated!